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  1. FYI. I added the following code to my FormPanel object:

    listeners: {
    resize: function() {
    if (Ext.isIE6) {
  2. Same here. If I do the resizing in small steps in IE6, the fields don't disappear. Sometimes hidden fields reappear if I resize in small steps.
  3. Hello Condor,

    Thanks for your reply. It worked. Here's some updated code:

    var XYZRecord =[
    {name: 'k', mapping: 0},
    {name: 'v', mapping: 1}
  4. Hello,

    As part of customizing the PagingToolbar on a ComboBox, I wanted to pass along more information in the JSON from the server. So apart from root and totalProperty I'd like to get, say...
  5. Replies
    The propsGrid.setSource() that you do in your code doesn't seem to have any relationship with the rest of your code.
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