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  1. hi MT01,

    Could you show us your config file ? I want to see if there is any difference butween us.
  2. Hi

    I want to package the Sencha touch app as a local android .apk file.

    I follow the help document(!/guide/native_android) step by step, but at the last step,...
  3. This is not so detail. Is there any more information?
  4. Hi

    I have just make a application with 1G data in a store and show it with a list. I have already used ListPaging but the performance is still very bad. The iphone runs very slow.

    How can I...
  5. Very good, Thanks
  6. Hi

    I want to use multiple language of Sencha Touch 2 for English and other language(like Germany and Chinese). How can I achieve it?
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