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    Just want to know if there is a working version of 'Ext.ux.BufferedCarousel' for Senchatouch 2 ?
    The infinite Carousel inSenchatouch 2 doc seems to have a problem :-?.
    - It doesn't stop...
  2. Hey guys

    Sorry for not reading enought :-(. I've found the tool to manage my .jsb3 in ExtJs distribution :-).

    On the otherhand, i was trying to configure my builder on APTANA. I was including...
  3. Hi guys thanks for the quick reply.

    I am wondering from "WHERE" i should execute those "commands" ?
    - My windows cmd.exe
    - if configured on aptana, how should i do it ?

    I've created a project...
  4. Hi every one
    i have configured my project. I wrote my jsb3 file, but when i make <ctrl + b> i have this message in the output console: "Project file doesn't exist"

    There is no file created as i...
  5. Hey i'm facing the same problem

    Did you find a solution ? i'm still working on it without no success :-(

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    Hi guys
    Does anyone have an idea ?
    Me too i'm interesting of using Ext.Direct with sencha touch ;) ....does any example of existing code exists?

  7. Hello
    I've seen why i couldn't use the @Direct annotation ....i was tired when working i think :-(.

    Concerning the HttpSession or httXXX
    It's because i'm storing Cookies with extJS and i don't...
  8. Hello it's not a reply but a question.

    I am newer with djn and i face many problem to configure it with my project in java.

    - I can't use anotation @DirectAction or anu Direct annotation in my...
  9. Hi.

    I want to build a webservice with Java. But the links you posted are all dead.

    Could i please have a small example.

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