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  1. Thanks, but I thought its for the JS Animation, CSS transition rules seems to ignore it
  2. Cool!!!
    Do you have any tip how to use CSS animation, while opening(showing) and closing(destroying) a window ?
    As of now when we call show() method and apply css animation it it first shows up...
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    Sure Ant is like Gulp, but my point is to provide a Babel based JS transform pipeline, at present it is done with Sencha Cmd (minification, Rhino based syntax check, CSS pre-processing, bootstraping...
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    I understand that usage of TypeScript in ExtJS have some major challenges, but now Babel have introduced their type system - Flow.js thats very easier to start with and support converting one file...
  5. Microsoft is doing its best to remove IE from the world but they will also need support from the echo system.
    Frameworks like Sencha can also stop supporting it, to help eradicate it
  6. thanks for clarifying that, will do further investigation why thats behaving differently in my local source
  7. very strange

    I tried to use getAdditionalData in commercial and nightly(dec/8) builds and it didnt worked, however setupRowData works

    the only thing thats different in my fiddle example was, i...
  8. hmm, thats strange.
    let me try at my end on a freshly downloaded GPL build and update you on my findings
  9. In that case Ext 6.0.0 GPL is different from the Ext 6.0.0 commercial. Coz getAdditionalData dont work in Ext 6.0.0 GPL but the setupRowData() do work

    can I assume that from your statement ?
  10. well then followup question will be why they behave differently.
    Sencha fiddle With Ext 6.0.0 dont function like the way it is mentioned in Sencha 6.0.0 docs it behaves like Sencha 6.0.1 docs ?
  11. However docs of Ext 6.0 shows an example at the top of the page that tells its user how to use setupRowData().!/api/Ext.grid.feature.RowBody

  12. I am trying to reproduce a bug in Sencha Fiddle using Ext - GPL but it looks like it dosent use that.

    I tried printing Ext.versions.classic.version in sencha fiddle and dosent work
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    I am using a Singleton object to process all my Ajax responses.
    basically I am setting a singleton objects property to true or false based on the server response.

    My question is if I use this in...
  14. The reason I got confused with the return type is because Ext.promise is private class and a Ext.Ajax.request a pulic method should not return me a private object.

    From the docs it appears that...
  15. I understand that Ext.ajax never returned a callback, but what i meant that the object returned by ext.ajax contained a callback and now too it returns an object however the object now confirms to...
  16. what is the advantage of using Ext Promise wrapper over JavaScript Native Promise ? asuming I support only morden browsers or will have a pollyfill to take care of un-supported browsers

  17. Router - Aurelia, Backbone (primarily backbone, but we are experimenting with Aurelia features too)
    Promises - Lie
    Dependency management : Using System-JS

  18. Option 2 and Option 3 is more of a POC
    Option 1 with ExtJS is our real cadidate for re-implementation for now.

    The plan is to cover some grounds using different options out there and then once...
  19. We are preping for a total rewrite of a fairly large ExtJs 4 app, in using 3 libraries.
    1. ExtJS 5/6 (Team of 1)
    2. Kendo UI (Team of 3)
    3. Webix, Backbone, and Aurelia (Team of 4)

    we flushed...
  20. Just Want to add to the list.

    We are porting a fairly large app from ExtJs to WebIx and Kendo UI as a POC
    and so far experience with Webix is better.

    Webix is also a chosen...
  21. Me too
  22. On Sencha widget's pack,
    which is extreemly feature rich and top of the class in quality, i would like them to add some components which is geared more towards performance and less on the feature ...
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    Not looking for Sencha alternatives but do want Sencha to embrace ES6, but you are correct, 'We are off the topic of licencing' so I created another thread for it
  24. Am not aware how sencha collects its feedback from customers to create its roadmap. I am sure they do it time to time, but for those of us who dont get to voice their openion/concerns, here is a...
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    You really think Sencha can avaoid another breaking change. And this time its going to be bigger than 3 -> 4 migration. Eventually they have to come to ES6.

    IE is dead, the creator itself has...
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