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  1. Hello,

    I have a triggerField with a triggerClass set to 'x-form-search-trigger'... I need to change it on the fly (runtime) with effect. I mean I am able to change its class like this:

  2. Hwllo,

    I need to have my numberfields for phone numbers...But it eliminates '0' in the start. Vtype is not working too.

    Please help me...I am stuck in it.
  3. The link to demo isnt working......please can anyone provide a sample of this?
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    Didnt work!
    I replaced with that all I needed to do?
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    Hello Condor,
    I downloaded you extension of paging for local data but unfortunately it did not work for me.
    I am doing things like this, please do correct me...

    My store:

    var megaStore =...
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    My paging toolbar is not working, that is, it doesnt appy paging to my gridpanel at all and whole lot of info shows at once causing my window (containing gridpanel) sized so large that it...
  7. I have a accordion in which I have placed 2 grids and a listview (within panel)....If active item of accordion is anything but not the grids, they doesnt render their output until they are active in...
  8. was my mistake. I was iterating through all the elements using each method to render them.
    Now its working. Thanks for your push :)
  9. Hello Animal,
    Now I have done what you told me to do (i hope so)....But data showing is redundant. I mean if <Statuses> tag would have 10 elements inside it, then data of each of all those 10...
  10. I searched for it, i found it for in Gxt....I googled for it but no help. Can you give me any links. Maybe you would be using some other google..
  11. Hello,
    I have combobox that is simply configured with a store and tpl etc.....I just want to make it multi there any way to do it? I can not find any other thread helpful to me...
  12. I have a combobox and I need to have multiple selections in it using checkbox with each item in there any way to do it?
    My combobox is just simple with store defined etc:

  13. I have already done that.....what should I do after iterating all through those child elements? How can I add record fields in my store`s xmlreader?
  14. Well, the main problem is that I dont know the elements inside <Status> tag. So I thought of adding record type at run time into my xml reader. And as far as my columns are concerned, so I just need...
  15. Trying to configure store fields from outside Ext.onready:

    function RecieveStatusXML(str) {
    var statusXml = StringToXml(strrr);

    var statusStore =...
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    Hi Condor,
    I am looking for daysss to how to add fields dynamically into my XMLReader seeing xml. I dont ahve anyyyyyy idea how to do this. I have an xml that I am parsing at runtime to setup fields...
  17. Hello,
    I need to configure my grid at runtime. For that, I need to build up my XMLReader at runtime so that I could dynamically add columns in grid as well. I dont know how to add fields/record...
  18. Well, I want change event...
    Is there any way to make it without needing to click anywhere else?
  19. Hi,
    I have a combobox in which I want to have its selected item`s value when user changes selection. But I have observed that change and even select event doesnt fired untill I click somewhere else...
  20. Hello,
    I have a multiselector configured and placed inside a window. I want be fully sized as much as window is being inside it iwth padding of 15px.
    Here is my code, I have everything but this...
  21. I have done exactly same with 'Window' as you have defined in your post. But When I posts my forms in that window or hides that very same window and show/open it again, it appears to render controls...
  22. Hi,
    I have a combobox which looks like this:

    var vehicleCombobox = new Ext.form.ComboBox({
    store : vehicleComboboxStore,
    valueField: 'VehicleId',
  23. Well, I got an I stated earlier that I have stores as well. And when I tried putting them in separate .js file, it was giving me errors og object not found etc....

    Actually I was...
  24. So in short, you mean its not possible?
  25. Hello,
    I am making an app using ExtJs. It consist of several forms, windows, stores, and remote API calls....I gets confused during development because of the lengthiness of my only .js file. How...
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