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  1. bump (same here)
  2. I updated this to make it a little bit more readable, once again thanks as always Mitchell!

    action: function(){

    var okButton = Ext.Msg.down( 'button[itemId=ok]' );
  3. Mitchell, as always you are a Jedi master / ninja / guru. Thank you for your help and service.
  4. I'm using this fix for now, thank you for it. Would love to know when this is patched.
  5. Hey guys,

    I'm trying to add listeners to an Ext.Msg.prompt() inputfield so that the field submits on action (enter or submit key) and closes when the user presses "esc". I have the listeners in...
  6. This code is actually incorrect as it will fail after the first time (ex,
    the user presses cancel, then you prompt again -- because you cannot
    have multiple components with the same id).

    Here is...
  7. Ugh.. I figured this out. The "name" property works fine, but "style" must be a reserved word somewhere because it was the name "style" that was causing the error. Changing the name from "style"...
  8. Can I please get some kind of feedback/update on this? It really puts me in a sticky position to not have working radiofields :/
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    Hey guys,

    I needed a prompt for a numberfield instead of text so I extended Ext.MessageBox, here it is if you need it!

    Ext.define( 'App.NumberPrompt' , {
    extend: "Ext.MessageBox" ,
  10. This is a real bug, was hoping someone could at least reply and let me know it's being worked on, and attach a patch if possible?
  11. Upon further inspection, Sencha Touch 2 also doesn't add the
    correct "name" element when rendering the input. I tried to
    fix the issue myself temporarily by changing line 60656 in...
  12. Finally, the big error is in Sencha Touch 2. The getName() function returns the
    "name" property, rather than fieldname. "name" is null, and it tries running a
    replace() function on null, causing...
  13. Regarding the multiple radiobox's with the same name bug, it's actually an error
    in the documentation example. The correct config is "fieldname", not "name".
    Please update the docs at ...
  14. UPDATE: I upgraded to the latest apple.css, which fixed the checkbox appearance.

    However, it still looks like I can select multiple radiofields, and on further inspection
    I'm getting this error...
  15. Hey gang!

    For some reason radiofields are rendering as checkfields in my app.
    They have the checkbox icon instead of the radio icon, and I can select
    multiple of them simultaneously.
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    Any insight on this? I see that the create/read/update/destroy methods are all set to Ext.emptyFn, so it's expecting me to override them, but I can't seem to find any tutorials on how to write data...
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    Hey guys,

    Sorry for putting such a noob question here. I've been researching and researching, and experimenting quite a bit, and I can't quite figure out how to get my models to save to my remote...
  18. Clearing cookies fixed it... thanks!
  19. They seem to work fine in every other browser ... even Safari (hm)... but the Sencha Touch 2 docs hang on the loading screen (with gear turning) and console reports the following errors in Chrome:
  20. This is still broken ... any news?
  21. True that... thank you :D

    Per my last post -- do you know how to get rid of the padding?
  22. Wasn't sure how to do that, but check this out:

    I commented out the html line where I included phonegap.js, and now it's working in mobile safari all of a sudden.

    So there is a conflict...
  23. Beautiful, I've got it now.

    Thank you so much for your help -

    I vow never to post here in the middle of the night without trying all the stupidly-simple solutions, first B)

    One last question...
  24. Hey gang,

    I have one screen in my app, a search screen, which requires a vbox arranged as so:

    item 1: hbox (two side-by-side panels)
    item 2: hbox (two side-by-side panels)
    item 3: list...
  25. I have the same issue... app works fine in Chrome & Safari on OSX, works fine as a PhoneGap app and in browser in Android Simulator, nothing but white screen as PhoneGap app or in browser in iOS...
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