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  1. Hi, gdlm.

    Per the Support and Services Agreement (available on our website) xCredits expire at the end of the subscription term. They do not rollover when renewed. So, in your example, you'll...
  2. To the Sencha Community,

    Over the weekend, a number of our forum users alerted us that they received spam messages sent to email accounts used exclusively for their Sencha Forum user...
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    Hi, cntx.

    I, too, am sorry to hear the report. I won't diminish your experience by trying to offer a series of explanations.

    We found the ticket you are talking about and, if you are still...
  4. Do you have access to 4.0.6? I'm told that this issue is fixed there.
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    Hi, jostster.

    Thanks for your comments. You made several good points and let me try to respond to some of them.

    First, on the issue of the value of purchasing Support, when you purchase...
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