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    Upgrading from 4.1 to 4.2 is a nightmare. I'm in the middle of an attempt and a simple full screen window with a border layout and a grid in the center region yields nothing but this:...
  2. The link to tileview.js is broken so although the fiddle works, we can't check out the code :(

    Edit: Also, I was previously using getAdditionalData on the tileview feature to manipulate and inject...
  3. I'm in the process of trying to update an enterprise scale app that uses 4.1.1

    In the existing XTemplates, we often use an if statement to check for the presence of an attribute on the model:

  4. I've got a rather fancy grid that with the click of a button can switch from a row to a tile layout. I love it.

    It used Ext.view.TableChunker to achieve this. It's in 4.1.x but 4.2.x seems to have...
  5. This works in 4.1.3 but not in 4.1.1
  6. Minor bug spotted (with the drag select rather than the view switching): Drag to select some rows in icon view. Then switch to regular table row view and perform another row selection. Now change...
  7. I'm trying to implement this for a pretty complex grid we have and I've been getting an issue:

    Notice in the screenshot how the rows are *outside* the...
  8. Was this ever resolved? The DUP bug is still open, 2 years after being reported.
  9. Was this ever fixed or patched in 4.1.1? We have this issue (discovered 24 hours from a major release as luck would have it!).
  10. I'v ebeen building out a little drag and drop data view in ExtJS and have found some helpful code which I've made some very minor adjustments to in order to have a plugin that enables drag and drop...
  11. I appreciate this is an old thread but it seems the best place to ask the following questions:

    1. Are we required to declare the leading and trailing buffer zones on both the Store *and* the...
  12. We've been experiencing a bug in this component.

    ExtJS v 4.1.1

    How we're seeing the problem: When the code mirror component is used as a component on a tab panel (third of 4 tabs in our...
  13. We've experienced a bug with this code. If you use the codemirror component on a tab panel in a window where the component is on, say, the third tab and the user switches between tabs 1, 3, 1 and...
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    Anyone willing to share how you managed to get the 4.2 docs in there? I'd be fine to do the 4.1.1 ones on my own but I'm not sure what kind of documentation system Extjs is to begin with.
  15. It's super frustrating to see comments like this in the 4.1 codebase:

    //NOTE: Removed the JSDoc for this function's arguments because it is not actually supported in 4.0. This
  16. I have 2 stores - let's call them StoreA and StoreB - which in turn have a model each, ModelA and ModelB

    ModelB has an association defined to link it to ModelA:

    belongsTo: [
  17. Ext.override(Ext.view.Table, {
    // Avoid blur of search boxes due to grid selection-focus
    _ws_lastScrollPosition: null,

    refresh: function() {
    var me = this;
  18. That page doesn't document any fixes for 4.1.x - the bug is in there too.

    Anyone have a fix for 4.1.x?

    EDIT: Just worked it out and added to the original thread.
  19. The scenario:

    You have a DOM element that is only sometimes rendered into the page.
    You have an ExtJS component that renders to that DOM element.

    You could wrap it like this:

    if (...
  20. Given this controller snippet:


    Ext.define( 'MyApp.controller.MyController', {
    extend: '',
    views : ['user.UserWindow'],
  21. I have a solution....and it goes completely contrary to everything I've learned about Ext so I'd like to discuss it before I mark this as the best answer.

    Ready for it? Not enough nesting!

  22. There is padding and margin in the sidebar panel in order to make sure the text boxes and controls layout nicely. Are you saying I shouldn't use config like this:

    padding: '10',...
  23. ...and scrollbars on "Always" in the system settings. This invariably leads to double scrollbars - see attached images.

    The window is a border layout (2 thirds, one third split) with a data view...
  24. So you have a combo box that has a trigger.

    In 4.1.x The last trigger button in a combo gets the cls (amongst others) of x-form-trigger-last:

    triggerConfigs[i - 1].cn.cls += ' ' +...
  25. I have a pretty big grid that's displaying some annoying behaviour. When I use a buffered store, attmpeting to sort by any of the columns in the grid causes the loading mask to display and not go...
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