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  1. Example to draw rectangle , circle in GXT

    Hi is there anybody who knows how to draw an rectangle ,circle any knd of shapes using GXT.

    i need an example ...
    It;s urgent !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8-|:>:>
  2. StoreFilter operation like DATABASE !! very urgent

    How to filter data from from store Using StoreFilter


    StoreFilter<ModelData> numberFilter = new StoreFilter<ModelData>() { ...
  3. but suppose if i want result from comparing more...

    but suppose if i want result from comparing more than one column or one value , for that how can i achieve??
    ex . select row where name="aaryan" && name="john"

    please give me an's...
  4. GXT Grid data fetching like sql query !! very urgent

    Hi , hope u are fine...
    i have some issue related to GXT grid.

    i have a model class ex.
    stock(string name, int salary)

    and one dummy data class for this model with values like
  5. GXT - how to add grid with some text fields in form panel

    Hi i am new in UI implementation , if you can provide me the example of using grid with some text fields in form panel, it'll be beneficial for me .
    (Note - there is some compatibility issues using...
  6. IP Validator within a given subnet scope

    Hi ,

    i have written one code related to ip address validator for a given subnet mask.
    but the requirement is that ,how can i bind that code with GXt validator.
    if you guys have any idea related...
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