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  1. Is there a ETA for a fix on this. I applied the work around and it fixed the issue but as the OP said he is not sure on any side effects and neither am I. This bug has been around a for a while do...
  2. I am running Chrome Version 37.0.2062.120 m

    When running the fiddle expand the bottom panel first and that will make it easier to click up without the buttons to expand moving. I just tried it...
  3. Ext version tested:

    Ext 5.0.1
    Browser versions tested against:


    When using the Accordian layout with animation turned on and single mode you can end up with more than...
  4. I found this property persist in the Looks like it will work for my purposes as this count is not stored on the server but calculated on server when the node is requested.
  5. I am looking for the best way to approach a design I am looking at implementing. I am using the tree grid and all is working fine. It is loading on demand and displaying a name and also a number...
  6. Yes it is (sorry didn't see your post when I posted my code)
  7. I solved the issue. The layout: 'fit' was needed but I also needed to drop the docked: 'bottom' on the tabPanel.

    My new code looks like this

    Ext.define("GS.view.DetailContainer", {...
  8. No good Jerome. They still dont appear.
  9. I have a tabpanel inside a container which is showing the tabpanels toolbar on the bottom of the screen just fine. The problem I have is the panels/items for the tabpanels are not showing on the...
  10. I am going to sheepishly say that this fixed the problem. Sorry I should have tried this. I haven't needed to do that in ExtJS for my models so didn't think to add it for Touch. Thanks Jerome
  11. Yes I do have it in the app.js file, code below

    name: 'GS',
    appFolder: 'http://localhost/Testing/mobile/app',
    requires: [

  12. I get the following error with my Touch 2.0.1 app. It is MVC based and I am trying to set up a store to retrieve the data. Any help would be great.

    Model with name "GS.model.Case" does not exist...
  13. I am following the MVC pattern and have the following setup using Sencha Touch. The code below displays the list of items and they are clickable. On click the next view is pushed to the screen. ...
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