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  1. Thread: XML tree

    by technorodent

    Fighting with Tree

    I fought with the tree component and all its attendant problems and recondite documentation and multiple working (and not working) examples culled from the web for several months and finally gave up....
  2. Workaround

    Apparently in the Metadata\Application file the "views" listed two views that no longer existed or had been renamed and one model I had deleted.

    1. I opened up the Application file in another...
  3. App looking for phantom JS files; project corrupted

    Deleted the app folder from the server and then copied a new app folder from the application/build directory to the server. The app now will not load in the browser, insisting on 3 missing JS files...
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    Errors in default REST procedures

    In version 2.2.908 the XML writer is defaulting to a PUT for a create. It should be a POST.

    Attempted a buildUrl override, but the arguments.action doesn't seem to yield results in this version...
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    Less than Sanguine

    I'm afraid I'm somewhat less than sanguine about my experience. I feel it is somewhat akin to trying to edit using an old fashioned Rolodex wheel with small cards. One is constantly spinning the...
  6. Affine Transforms and reserved Ext.draw.Matrix

    I need an affine transform handler for SVG paths and noticed that Ext.draw.Matrix is supposedly internal and shouldn't be used. As a wild guess I also tried "transform: " and "transformMatrix" to no...
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    Where to add a class?

    I need to use a Javascript point class; where is the best place to add this? At the launch of the controller? Elsewhere? Should it be imported in some special way? Any guidance would be appreciated.
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    One Solution for Tree Icons

    After grappling around for a few hours, I have solved it adequately enough for me.

    1. Add a field named "iconCls" to the Model used in populating the tree. In the "Simple Tasks" example, that...
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    Custom Tree Icons Possible?

    Where in the [Architect] documentation is the procedure for changing or assigning custom tree icons? I can find no entry point for the solution to this problem in the Architect documentation, and...
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    Thanks for the response

    Thanks for the help!
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    Tooltip: How-to in Architect

    I've spent several hours combing the documentation trying to figure out how to set a tooltip in Architect. Obviously, since I'm posting here, I've had no luck. I have a button, and I see where it...
  12. Possible Answer

    I feel for you. The documentation just isn't there. But, here is how I found a light at the end of the tunnel, and it is helping me turn the corner on this stuff and start getting results.

    1. pick...
  13. [NOREPRO] It's always good to know it wasn't because I was...

    It's always good to know it wasn't because I was doing something stupid.

    Meanwhile, am I dead in the water as far as using XML in the Architect IDE until the next build is available?
  14. [NOREPRO] Archive

    Ext version 4.1.1a
    Sencha Architect version 2.1.0 Build 640
    Chrome 22.0.1229.94 m
  15. [NOREPRO] Data loads fine in browser.

    The xml loads fine in the browser. To prove to myself that it was pulling off the local web server I build a simple open-and-display xml (the xml file in question) from Visual Studio 2012 and that...
  16. [NOREPRO] Build Number

    It is build 640 Sencha Architect 2.1.0

    Hope that helps,

  17. [NOREPRO] Store won't load XML: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'b.length')

    Tried following the instructions for loading XML into a store. Went through the process contained here:!/guide/stores_examples-section-3

    three times. Each...
  18. [FIXED] Thanks

    Thank you, we shall give Architect another try.

    Best regards,
  19. [FIXED] Requested Items

    Attached is the XDA file. The project is CarListings2. I also downloaded the CarListings project from GitHub, upgraded it, and tried that one out. Same troubles with the store as with CarListings1...
  20. [FIXED] First Tutorial Load JSON Store not working: Unable to load data using. . . ."

    Same as a previous question that was closed without resolution. Trying the tutorial "Build Your First Desktop Application" and it blows up at Step 7 of the "Create Store" subsection: namely,...
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