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  1. [DUP] Seeing this problem as well..

    Has a solution been found in the meantime?
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    iPad Home Screen App refreshes on every open

    I'm writing a web app for the iPad using HTML5 and SenchaTouch. The app uses cache manifest to function offline.

    Once it has been added in the home screen and opened without Safari, it will ...
  3. iOS Version was the problem

    The problem seems to be with the version of iOS.
    I had this issues with v4.3 on an iPad, and v4.3.1 on an iPhone.
    v4.2.1 on an iPad works just fine.
    v4.3.2 on an iPad will maintain the data...
  4. HTML5 LocalStorage not persistent on iOS after Power Off

    I'm developing a web app for iPad (3G) that requires offline database storage. I'd like to use HTML5's LocalStorage API to make use to the handy SenchaTouch LocalStorageProxy.

    When testing...
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