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    Website Defult Value

    remove emptyText:http:// it will work i had the same requireement i did it by not adding emptyText
  2. show a button on right click on the leaf in the tree panel


    help me in showing a button on right click on the leaf of the tree panel
    and need to call a function on click of that button
  3. bbar of grid disappears when panel containing grid is moved

    somebody can help me out in designing the grid with bbar

    i have designed a page with 3 regions north west and center in the north i have headers
    west i have tree panel and in center region i...
  4. this.scroller.dom is null or not an object error in IE

    this is my js script of creating the grid which gives an error mentioned in title
    once i remove the lines

    var formParams=$('employeeListingFormId').serialize();

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