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  1. Putting a Container into a tab panel after-the-fact

    I have created a layout I am happy with and now I need to put it into a tab panel. Creating a new viewport, putting a tab panel into it, and then dragging and dropping the container into one of the...
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    Table Layout question/help

    Please use this link for reference:
    The "Table" panel is just a panel with a layout of Table and a column of 2. It contains 4 Panels. What I am...
  3. I had you all the way up until 'Configure...

    I had you all the way up until 'Configure collapsible, split, minSize, maxSize, etc as desired'.

    EDIT: I seem to have it layout out somewhat close to what I'm after. Thank you.
  4. Diving in to Sencha Architect and am trying to replicate a Border Layout with no luck

    I was pulled on to a project where it was created in Sencha Architect, and as a UI/UX designer I was initially thrilled that we were using a tool meant to make my life easier. Unfortunately, my foray...
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