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  1. Thanks !

    Thanks again for the thead, it FINALLY works, I went crazy for a day.

    So to summarize very quick :
    Download the modified "sencha_touch_all" file from mhousser message put it in the 'touch'...
  2. Definitly, I am just interesting in having the...

    Definitly, I am just interesting in having the possibility to hide the navbar on the first card so I can make any first card I want, with fullbackground etc and then have the navbar on all others....
  3. Navigation View : hidding the navbar on certain cards

    One very important feature for the NavigationView would be to be able to hide the Navigation bar on certain cards.

    For now, the navigation bar is global and unique so if you hide it for one card,...
  4. Navigation bar appearing on animation start

    Thanks a lot for the tips bobringer.
    When the view is animating, from a card that has no title (card 1) to a slide that has a title (card2), on animation start, an empty title appears on card 1...
  5. what about an iframe?

    I tryed to do that with an iframe in a card, and it worked pretty well.
    The only thing that I am missing, is to successfully resize the iframe.
    It resizes fine on chrome, but not on my ipad.

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    Here is how I get a record from the list store...

    Here is how I get a record from the list store from a itemtap event :

    listeners: {
    itemtap: function(list, index, item, evt) {
    /* note is an instance of my model */
    var note...
  7. I need this too

    I also tryed to add a control on the disclosure from the controller, but could make it work :/

    Edit found a *ok* way do to it!

    1/ first add a fake onItemDisclosure to your list cause...
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    [DUP] [PR1] Cannot format a date

    REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Touch PR1
    Browser versions tested against:

    DOCTYPE tested against:

    Description:When I try to format a date in a List the error...
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