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  1. is it safe to use boundEl property of Ext.Editor class?

    I'm not able to find getter for it.

  2. Is it possible to use with Ext 2.0?
  3. Any idea guys?
  4. Thanx, Animal

    Your solution works!
  5. When I submit Ext form. server returns text/javascript response that actually I want to run. (same trick prototype does) but Ext tries to decode it using JSON.decode that throws javascript syntax...
  6. Following is the main form panel code
    please note that <% %> is pre processor for ruby (erb files)

    Forge.current_qn_panel = new Ext.FormPanel({
  7. Wow. Fast Reply

    With doLayout I get same results. Doesn't solve problem.
  8. Please see following image..

    When I add something to 'question_4' (its form panel) and call render/doLayout it just works.
    but when I add something to its child panel 'question_4_option_table'...
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