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    Code below, use layout: "tableform" and the items then support standard anchor configuration as well as being layed out in a table. Now has a labelSeparator and can trackLabels.

  2. considered it closed.

    Just update the docs for others!
  3. I am updating some OLD code to use the latest.
    In this code the params were a string.


    I will update my code to use key/value pairs. ...
  4. When I have:

    options.params= {dir: "ASC", forceSelection: false, sort: "_id", start:0}

    baseParams = {limit 100}

    The new version for params returns:
    {dir: "ASC", forceSelection:...
  5. The params are not being set correctly in the Store

    currently in svn there is this line for setting the params:

    var params = Ext.apply({}, options.params, this.baseParams);

    previously it...
  6. Do you have an example of centered buttons?
  7. Minor css problem.

    Buttons in forms are no longer centered in the latest svn...

    See: examples/form/dynamic.html
  8. regression in setActiveTab in Ext.TabPanel(?)

    In 2.2.1 setActiveTab method in Ext.TabPanel could take a (tab) number for the parameter
    in [3.0svn4297] setActiveTab(tabNumber) does not change the...
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    I use this...

    font:bold 11px tahoma,arial,verdana,sans-serif;
    border:0 none;
  10. If a component is not found Ext.getCmp is now returning null.
    In 3.0rc1 and 2.2.1 it would return undefined.

    This occurred in the recent MixedCollection code change.

    Is this the desired...
  11. I had initially searched under RowSelectionModel before adding this thread.

    Searching again, I did find these:
  12. There has been a change in behavior from the previous versions of the RowSelectionModel.

    OLD behavior:

    Select all rows in grid.
    Now when you mouse click on any single row all old selections...
  13. In Ext.grid.GridView in the method afterRender:

    I have the grid already rendered and rows selected then the line:

    this.mainBody.dom.innerHTML = this.renderRows();

    renders the grid again...
  14. If that is the way it works, OK. :(

    But, I could swear that the grid and rows are available when this happens and that they later get over written.
  15. When using Ext.grid.RowSelectionModel to selectRows in a grid they sucessfully select and highlight the rows then they get cleared at a later point leaving the grid with no selections.

    I have...
  16. I can confirm that the warning happens when there is an icon image set for the button. When changed to use a standard Ext iconCls + css the security message is no longer seen.

    There seems to be an...
  17. Was a solution found besides setting the closeAction as 'hide'?
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    The problem: The backbround URL is being set to "undefined" when there is not a collapsedIcon.

    Here is the fix.

    Ext.ux.collapsedPanelTitlePlugin = function ()
    this.init =...
  19. I observed the same thing in Firefox/ and IE7.
    Though if you resize the browser the columns in the 2nd tab will appear.
  20. I have found that anchoring will not work correctly when 'labelAlign' is side,
    EXCEPT when you use 'labelWidth'.

    I hope this helps, if not post the javascript not the java code.
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    Can you tell us more about ExtJs (JSF)ication?
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