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  1. My original post was only to provide an updated version of existing code given in the documentation.
    I am only a beginner and I do not have the knowledge you seek.

    I can only point you to:...
  2. No you did not.
    Getting information from you is like pulling teeth.
    We've dealt a number of times over the last 2 months and you just frustrate me.
    I don't think you understand some of the...
  3. Your answer to this is:

    You did not answer this one:

    Am I correct in assuming that the fixes would be in the SVN directory for development purposes. In other words all of the known fixes are...
  4. I assume from your comment that what I called a "workaround" you call an "override".

    Am I correct to infer that if I was to subscribe immediately, then within a few hours I would get the code that...
  5. We obviously have different definitions for words like critical, urgency and support.
    I was moving towards subscribing but I now I see that I would be wasting my money.
  6. Basically you are saying that you do not fix bugs in current releases nor are you are offering workaround code.
    So bugs of current releases, even critical ones, are only fixed in the next release...
  7. While trying to write my first app I came across a major bug with the sequence of the edit event parameters in version 4.0.7.
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    I did break down the code, that line is where it stops working.
    I am including the full app which is tiny because I was just starting it.
    It is in a version 4 MVC architecture which so far, with...
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    I designed the layout with Ext.Designer 1.2.2.
    It works under 4.0.7 but not under 4.1 PR1 (without changes).
    I am reporting a bug with my code and your response is to tell me that your code works....
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    In version 4.0.7, the following code worked

    but in version 4.1 that line no longer works.
    The other 2 lines that reference...
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    I upgrade from firefox 3.6.23 to firefox 8 and the problem is no more.
    This works for me for development but not for production.

    It appears that ExtJs 4.0.7 has a bug that needs to be fixed...
  12. I think that is because you have made a version 3 app rather than a version 4 MVC app.
    I say this because in app.js you wrap everything in an "Ext.onReady" which is a version 3 approach.

    If you...
  13. Yes, I would appreciate that.
    Thank you very much.
  14. "If so then there's really no need to do it in app.js ? Its just writing extra code for no reason."
    You said declaring the "models array" doesn't work in app.js, so yes it would be useless code....
  15. Sorry, in my first reply I misunderstood your question.
    The code you are showing is not following the MVC architecture, even if it does work.
    The code under the "launch" function is a 'view", the...
  16. That is correct since you referred to the grid by its xtype which is just as good as per:

    I used an itemId since...
  17. Sorry, the answer that follows is based on the misunderstanding that you are asking me if having the "view: creates the store" is the correct way of doing things as far as the "stores" array is...
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    You can test the 4.0 version of the code that I point to in the initial post,
    or the 3.0 version that is available from:
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    The data is here:

    It creates and loads the database.
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    A small sample app that works with Extjs 4.0.7 now gives the following error under 4.1.pr1:
    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'save' of undefined

    It uses "direct".
    The code is available at:...
  21. Thank you for your help.

    I tried that and the application starts and displays without errors but now gets a
    "TypeError: Cannot call method 'indexOf' of undefined"
    in my "GridController"...
  22. I updated the sample code of the "Ext. Direct and Grid Tutorial" to the new architecture of ExtJs4.
    The current sample is a version 3 architecture, it uses "Ext.onReady".

    I am new at this and I...
  23. The documentation for Ext.NavigationBar only shows the element "docked" under Configs; there is no 'dock'.
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    Is it possible that the code should be using "posts" rather than "Post" here?
    hasMany: 'Post' // shorthand for { model: 'Post', name: 'posts' }:
    Should it not read as ?:
    hasMany: 'posts';
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    The link in the text: "For a live demo please see the Simple Store example." gives a 404 error.
    Found in:
    Using the data package in Sencha Touch 2
    Models and Stores

    The link text "Inline Data...
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