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  1. I generate app and then build package (default project). I copy sencha touch package to folder assest of android project.
    My Webview activity:

    public class WebViewActivity extends Activity...
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    List component in Fastbook very very good.
    But in sencha touch 2.1 very bad :(.
    I don't know should using sencha touch 2.1 or 2.2 alpha beta for release app :(
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    anybody know how to embed youtube video on android with ios using sencha touch 2.x?
  4. 2 view is carousel.
  5. because just android device get this issue. I must package and generate sencha touch with phonegap to build android app.
  6. I don't know. i packaged sencha touch app.
    How to know this error from which class :(
    Ext version tested:

    sencha touch 2.1.0 Rc2
    Phonegap 2.1.0
    Device tested against:

    Sony P( android 4.0)
  8. In the previous like sencha sdk 2.0.0 b3,it work great.
  9. here:
  10. Yes of course
  11. i config:

    //@charset UTF-8
    on the first line in every file js and save that file in utf-8 (using edit plus)
    But same issue
  12. sencha command v3.201 error with character : ớ, Đ, ứ, ệ, ể, ư, ợ, ậ, ờ, ả
  13. Hoping to fix this issue
  14. I run command : "chcp 65001" before "sencha app build package" but still not work
    I run again chcp >> Active code page: 65001
    i update sencha cmd v3.0.0.190.
    I'm vietnamese
  15. sencha sdk worked on mac osx 10.7 but didn't work on win 7 with character ư ơ
    sencha sdk didn't worked both mac osx and win 7
  16. I save file in utf-8.
    When i run on device , it didn't show correct character.
    Anybody know this issue
  17. REQUIRED INFORMATIONSencha touch version tested:

    2.1.0 RC
    Device tested against:

    Sony Xperia P
    Run with:

    Cordova 2.0.0
  18. OH my god. I see this issue on sencha touch 2.1.0 b3 when using carousel.
    I test on android.

    if i destroy carousel, i see this error:

    NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8
    And i see this error when...
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    Using Phonegap to native:
    if we using phonegap-x.y.js in sencha touch it make white screen when initial app on ios.
    If not, it don't have white screen any more but load time is same.
  20. Same problem ! :|
  21. whenever slide carousel i get "Miss a drag as we are waiting for WebCore's response for touch down.", although carousel have 3 items :|
  22. I see the device log:
    Miss a drag as we are waiting for WebCore's response for touch down.
    Maybe this is the signal of death
  23. i learn on
    My app have only carousel. don't have anymore. Just about 60 items on carousel.
  24. I have about 60 items in Carousel. Test native on android, when i swipe a lot of items then it disconnect app :(.
    I test sencha touch, 2.1.0 b2, 2.1.0b3 :(.
    On iOS work perfect.
  25. i want have thread tutorial about run sencha native :).
    my app must release :). Love sencha :)
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