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  1. its with the old sencha command 2.0.2..
    i drilled down into the build routine and found that the phantom.js process crashes for no apparent reason. running the same phantomjs command from the...
  2. Hello Guys!

    I have a very strange problem with the 'sencha app build package' command:
    upon resolving the dependencies, it first dumps the dependencies to console and then exits with an error.....
  3. from what i can gather, you created your app from the command line tool, which means you should not need to modify the index.html at all, or at least you should leave the development.js script tag...
  4. yes there is no sencha command, but the sdk installer should have added its folder to the %path% variable. anyway, if this does not work try invoking it with
  5. well the sencha touch sdk folder is where you extracted your download of the sencha touch 2 sdk from here:
    it should look like this:...
  6. i think the problem is you did not create your project with the sencha generate app command.
    maybe you should try creating a new project with this command:

  7. i think i have seen this before... ;)
    try the sencha command in the Sencha Touch 2.0.0 sdk folder instead of the senchasdk.. so navigate into the folder where you extracted the Touch SDK, not where...
  8. i'd say some paths are incorrect - or you don't have access to them. It looks like your android sdk command gets executed with its cwd somere in the sencha sdk, so it would like to write some...
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    Hey there! I am experiencing the same problem. At first i thought it does not show up at all (animations on my android phone are a bit crappy so the screen gets masked but you don't see anything...
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    you should also note that sencha touch only works on webkit-based browsers, while afaik firefox uses Gecko. so its just a happy coincidence that anything happens at all on firefox, usually my...
  11. I am not sure if any of the predefined readers can interpret this data, so i think you're stuck writing your own.
    The format should not be too hard to parse, though; i would suggest two...
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    Hello Austin,

    This is how i understand things, hopefully someone will correct me if i talk complete horsecr*p here :)
    Question 1:
    Generally, the localStorage Object is an HTML5 API that is not...
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    Hey Sn4k3,

    You could try calling the blur() method of your input field(s) before showing the Message Box. This would remove the focus from the input fields. If you want to point the user to the...
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    Wow really nice work!
    Too bad the performance is really mean...
    On my Galaxy Ace (which is a wee bit weak on the RAM side) the browser crashes, supposedly due to lack of memory. Also, the...
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