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  1. I am using Sencha CMD and sencha touch 2.4.2 and yes i do initialize with cordova with "sencha cordova init".
  2. Hi

    I am using Sencha cmd tool for package.
    I did work on browser but when i make a build for android, not did not catch the internet on/off connection.

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    what do you mean by Pool each 30 seconds ?
  4. Hi

    Ext.device.Connection.isOnline() is not working on android.

    permissions are given in AndroidManifest.xml. but nothing happens

    any suggestions?

  5. Thats great and thank you to provide us another solution.~o)
  6. yes, i do this before prompt message

    Ext.Msg.defaultAllowedConfig.showAnimation = false;

    and it works.
  7. i am using touch 2.4.1, and facing this issue. can you tell me about your version ?
  8. Same problem,
    Why Sencha guys do not solve this. :((
  9. hi
    i have same problem , i want to exclude files in my build but i could not able to do that ...
    anyone have any solution ?
  10. hi
    same problem,
    how to exclude ext.js in production build ?
    any suggestions ?

  11. Excellent work ~o)
  12. it works... :D
    thank you
  13. hi
    i have error on cmd while setting up the jsduck
    i am using jsduck 5.2.0 ,
    ruby version is 2.0.0

    Temporarily enhancing PATH to include DevKit...Building native extensions. This could...
  14. try this

    toggleRow: function(rowIdx, record) { rowIdx =;
    var me = this,
    view = me.view,
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    really appreciate that ... its solved my problem :D
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    do you like to share it with community ?
  17. its very helpful
  18. i have a different scenario, i have to add form.Panel when my row is being clicked ...
    is there any plugin which help to add panel when row expanded ???
  19. expandbody and collapsebody events are not being fired...
    any idea how to do that ?
  20. try this

    Ext.define('myapp.controller.LoginController', {
    extend: '',
    config: {
  21. do you enable location or gps settings in android settings ???
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    great =D>
  23. best of luck :)
  24. hi
    as you know this is js project and all files are being loaded on at the first time of project loaded, so for me we cannot update file for the future purposes ,
    btw why you dnt store data on...
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    hi you have to simply add items in your parent container with scroll property

    Ext.define('you class name', {extend : 'Ext.container',
    layout : {
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