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  1. Thanks shanon,
    this will help to mute the exception, but still redirect information (location and etc) is lost. the auth framework I am working with will pass location and auth information together...
  2. xhr.getAllResponseHeaders() is null
    chrome://firebug/content/blank.gif lines = xhr.getAllResponse...).replace(/\r\n/g, '\n').split('\n'),

    tested in firefox with firebug
    load store...
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    Thanks Rajiv, you saved my day.
  4. this issue is still open in 4.0.5
  5. is this a browser specific bug? did you test it in IE8/FF?
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    of cuz, i have other event handler which works just fine, i.e. selectionchange
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    it is a customized tree panel extends the standard Ext.tree.Panel
    I know the original tree panel is not registered for keypress event, so I have following code to add it:

    initComponent :...
  8. Thanks. but using or not using flex make no difference in my use case.

    thanks. the work around fix the problem in IE8, though it is still there in FF.
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    in extjs 3.X, a new event handler can be registered easily via class's config on "listeners".
    at first, I thought it would be the same as in MVC framework. but it looks like I am wrong.

  10. is Sencha going to build it or not?
  11. I wasn't aware of this till recently, I guess after 4.0.2a release?
  12. have same problem, can't locate the root cause. maybe something deep into html tpl or css
  13. second this
  14. surprised when I found filtering is missing in 4.0.2. I should double check before answering my supervisor that extjs4 CAN do filtering on tree.

    now, I am screwed.

    "on radar"? It doesn't make...
  15. agreed, again the document which is intended to help users getting familiar with extjs4 should be accurate and consistent. such a big change in design should be well communicated and documented.

  16. thanks! wish it could get into next commercial release.
  17. update?
  18. any update?
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    not sure what is VML. i have pie chart in my application, it works fine. collapsing southwest region works, actually southeast collapsed too. but won't work after collapsed. it looks like something...
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    im also on XP professional ver 2002 SP3, IE8, VERSION:8.0.6001.18702CO
  21. are you looking into your source code or the output of browser? did you count the comments?

    too many questions, please act


  22. thanks. setting simpleSelect as true on ext.grid.panel solved the problem.

    two suggestions here, first CheckboxModel's default type should be SIMPLE not Multiple. Second, both grid and selection...
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    any update? border layout is so popular and collapse is a wonderful feature, please fix it soon.
  24. any update?

    mode : StringModes of selection. ...
    Modes of selection. Valid values are SINGLE, SIMPLE, and MULTI. Defaults to 'MULTI'

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