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  1. OK, for anyone that wants to do this, I do it this way:

    Have your long haul PHP script begin it's operation, create a unique ID for the process, and using this unique ID, throughout the execution,...
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    I would LOVE to have this functionality. Willing to sponsor it if someone know how to do it.
  3. Very nice plugin.

    Not sure if you can do this out of the box, but instead of returning a number of POST variables, I have created a small override to submit an array of values instead.

  4. Westy, thanks for the override, it works well.
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    Does anyone know of a "Timeline" type component for ExtJS.

    The component would show date based information on a horizontal scrolling axis of time.
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    I'm sure it isn't the best method, but I use this for the time being until it's back in the core

    Ext.override(, {
    rejectChanges: function() {
  7. In case someone else comes looking for a solution to download generated reports etc.

    What I do is use a normal form submit, that in the backend generates the report and puts it into a temporary...
  8. Hi,

    I hade the same problem in

    OSX 10.5 / FF 4 & 5
    OSX 10.6 / FF 4 & 5

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    Would love to see this in ExtJS 4.0 with the aforemetioned features.

    Is it possible to financially sponsor these requests?
  10. Hi,

    Is it possible to set up keyboard navigation while using the cell editing plugin?

    The preferred way would to be able to move up and down cells while editing.

    At the movement, if the cell...
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    In a grid with grouped headers, how does one find the header using the grid.view api? (In order to change the header text).

    I would like to avoid assigning the header an ID since the grid...
  12. Did you have any luck with this?
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    Is it possible at all to combine for example 2 columns to display in the same column (I can do this using custom renderer), but also still provide a method of sorting the column using one or the...
  14. Hi,

    I'm trying to figure out the best layout combination to use in order to have a variable amount of collapsible panels within a fixed sized container.

    In ExtJS 3.3 I was able to use a...
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