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    We have a form field, and then for some reason we have a Portlets, and Grids etc all contained in a FieldSet, and probably not properly wrapped. Anyway, for some reason after the panel is rendered,...
  2. I've had this problem too, the short answer is to add a member variable to a class that is being serialized (defined in your GWT RPC Interface), with a type of PositionStatus.

    class PositionModel...
  3. At first when I looked at the library, I was concerned as it seemed very limited in terms of customization, (i.e. either blue or grey), now that I've worked with it for a while, you can actually...
  4. While I have some experience with MVC frameworks before I would hardly consider myself an expert and am not too comfortable with that portion yet. I have a bunch of questions, and I'm not sure how...
  5. Yes except that I'm trying to do this with Ext GWT, not Ext JS, so the JS code doesn't help me :)
  6. How can I add items to a PagingToolBar before the actual Pagination part, instead of after? Basically I'm trying to add Left justified label, some centered buttons, and then right justified...
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    Is there a GUI design tool / WYSIWIG editor for ExtGWT components like NetBeans and GUI Editor, or Visual Basic form editor, that allows one to drag and drop a User Interface?
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    I'm playing around with a UI and the widgets and based on some feedback been making improvements to it. However there are some suggestions that I'm not too sure about (and I'm not all that familiar...
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