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  1. There is no single user version of the Sencha Architect3.1 yet?
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    Dear @aconran:
    I try to add 'Ext.layout.container.Border' in my requires list but it's not work.

    I also have the same problem.
    I have posted about this several times but no-one responds....
  3. Thank you, it solved my puzzled.
  4. I spent a lot of time still can not understand why the official example can not be executed. have anyone a complete portal example can be executed in sa31? Can share to me, please help...
  5. Hi Aconran, thank you for your answer. I was inside the portal example in ext42gpl, but I do not know how to implement it on SA31.
    // Set columnWidth, and set first and last column classes to...
  6. Why SA3.1 has not beforeLayout in Event Bindings?
  7. The Demo that I was made in accordance by Portal examples in GitHub.

    When I move component, PortalDropZone correctly display position to be placed, but can not put up in.

    I put the XDA...
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    I am also this version. You can press Disablied button in the Build Tools and changed to Enabled button.You can see the license switch.
  9. Portal examples in GitHub can not be execute at SA3.1.
    Components can be displayed but can not be moved.
    Can help?
  10. Hi guys:
    I have a question about dynamically loaded components. In IE10 state, Grid can be created, but in IE8 and IE7 can’t see Grid appears.
    Anybody know why?

  11. Everybody
    I have uploaded the full file.

    The event fires on beforeload

    onArraystoreBeforeLoad: function(store, operation, eOpts) {
    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form...
  12. Hi jminnick, Thanks for your answer.

    Yes, The event fires on beforeload and the textfield with empty.
    But...That should show a null or a empty value.

    The script run and Web page doesn't show...
  13. I found a problem.
    In here, the scripts is right.

    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form textfield[itemId="txtCompany"]')[0];

    The next step error.
  14. Thanks jminnick.

    I setup the event of storeBeforeLoad to binding the Company textfield,
    But I can't catch value of Company textfield.

    var comp = Ext.ComponentQuery.query('form...
  15. I hope someone can teach me.
    I want to build a component of search, but I need some help.
    How can I do…
    1.Grid change by data of Company text field.
    2.Pagingtoolbar press next button and Grid...
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    Does Sencha Architect 2 support custom vtypes ?
    How do I write a program like examples of "Advanced Validation Examples Using VTypes" by Sencha Architect 2?
  17. Thank you very much for your help .
  18. How do I make Text Field after pressing Checkbox hidden.

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.MyForm', {
    extend: 'Ext.form.Panel',

    height: 250,
    width: 400,
    bodyPadding: 10,
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    Sorry, c2c-shiner:
    it is not work. The cell on table doesn't expand width.
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    how do you use table layout to get a table to expand to full width of its container?
    I know I can use “Column” or “Vbox” layout, but I need tablelayout and use “colspan” for checkbox with textfield....
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    I get a problem about "collapsible". In this sample, if
    (1)Push Extjs designer preview button.
    (2)Don't resize the preview window, and push "collapsible" icon.
    (3)When FormPanel expand, the...
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    I get a problem about "collapsible". In this sample, if
    (1)Push Extjs designer preview button.
    (2)Don't resize the preview window, and push "collapsible" icon.
    (3)When FormPanel expand, the...
  23. I don't want to load store on initialization.
    When the "url Combobox" is triggered, "loadFeed" will load the store.
    I think Ext Designer loaded automatically related store during initialization....
  24. Hi j-joey:
    In my test, I have to store loaded. This code write in the "MyGrid.js"

    MyGrid = Ext.extend(MyGridUi, {
    initComponent: function() {
  25. I understand!
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