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    In my GXT2 project I have extensively used a grid with row editor. I appreciated very much the ability of the row editor to monitor the current input in editor fields and display the...
  2. Hi,

    I recently came across the same problem. Could you please explain how should we now handle remote loading of data in a combobox when the parameter "query" is not filled anymore? In my...
  3. Hallo all,

    I have the requirement to implement a layout, where the main application panel is centered in the browser window, has fixed width (800px) and the height must fit the window's height....
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    I would like to renew the question.
  5. For some reasons the solution with changing Editor on BeforeEdit event does not work, but the aforementioned requirement can be achieved in a different way - instead replacing Editor, a TextField...
  6. Thank you for your solution. BeforeEdit event works very well - it is invoked every time I start editing a row with RowEditor. Unfortunately changing editor for ColumnConfig is not working in my...
  7. Hi All,

    I need a Grid with several columns and a RowEditor, where some columns are conditionally enabled for editing and sometimes not. It depends on the other values in that row. E.g. we have a...
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