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  1. Ok i added that in css. It main css will have that line added to the next build?.
  2. condor,

    I am not getting what you are saying . Explain.
  3. It works but form layout become columnlayout with textfield become right justified. have to change to left justified or looks too much gap between label and field.
  4. ckr,

    Super!. Thanks!. It works now.

    Now i can make that as a base and build other animation.

    Thanks to condor also.

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    Ok the thread is one is seeing it so....

    thanks in advance...
  6. anyone?
  7. anyone?
  8. anyone?
  9. testslide.html

    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html;...
  10. As i see more , it happens only if panels have controls like radio button and text fields..
  11. Sliding layout is not working well when if it is on a window , it workd well if it rendered toa div.

    Anyone solved this problem?..

    It takes background image and messes up as it slides out when...
  12. I have problem...i am sliding panel with lots of text messes up screen when it slides ..outside the window....

    it is ok for all other things.
  13. Thanks animal.

    That solved my problem.

    It is better to use CSS template for faster loading instead of panel inside panel to show images and stuff. Use less of EXTjs more of css.

    No more...
  14. anyone?
  15. Hi,

    I am rendering a paenl into div.

    It is using div width but not div height?. It ignores completely the height style attribute. can someone give me idea?.

    <div id="center"...
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    This will do. Thanks.
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    Hi ,

    I am looking for roll over image button without focus border and stuff...

    Anyone have done that?. I see some imagebutton example but no roll over. ...
  18. I probably do mouse over on label...that works better than making text style button
  19. I need a button action like hover color change on text. Basically indicate there is an action behind it.

    Using label as a clickable not userfriendly as it do not change color to indicate user it...
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    Your linkbutton shows Button with text with underscore...i just need a clickable link and no button.

  21. Ok this worked...Ext.util.Format.htmlEncode; ...Thanks!.:))

    rendererMap: function(c,editor){
    var renderer = null;
    switch (c.xtype){
    case 'textarea':
  22. How do u make grid text field show everything as a text instead of do i disable rendering html... Text is html text... saved as html template.

    I jsut want it to displaye...
  23. I do not want to strip any html tags...

    The content is html data that is sent as email ...i just do not want it to render as a browser in a cell. I jsut want it to show <html></html>
  24. how?
    Is there easier way to make textfield ignore html tags and show it as texts? instead of showing it as browser?.

    I do not want to remove any text which is already there... for...
  25. anyone? is it a stupid q?
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