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  1. When I load a view in my app, i generate a number of checkboxes by reading in their values from a config file. All this works fine up to getting the 'check' event to fire.

    I already have the...
  2. try

    url: 'resources/f.json',
  3. I had the same problem and I found this bit of code on the forum that fixed it for me, see if this helps you. The thread is below the code:

  4. Remove the listeners from the other components then.
  5. Great thanks!
  6. I get what you are doing in the code but can't seem to work out where the oldConfig and newConfig will come from? Is this supposed to be added as an override to the list class?

  7. I'm having a problem with a list whose setOnItemDisclosure method does not work properly.

    If the disclosure is set to false initially and I set it to true via .setOnItemDisclosure(true), the...
  8. If you do
    myStore.getData().all you can see all the records there, I'm guessing loop through that array.
  9. It seems like Sencha Cmd (if that is what you're using) generated a new app.css file from app.scss when it made the build. If you still have your custom css, add it to the bottom of app.scss in...
  10. title: '<img src="path/to/image.png"/>',
  11. window.location will work

    Or if you're using cordova 2.3, they have included the 'childbrowser' into their library, that's better than window.lcoation.
  12. Great, works a treat, thanks!

    It's strange that the css rule that it generates is exactly the same as the one that I wrote in my stylesheet which didn't work.
  13. I'm having a bit of trouble with some CSS. What I'm trying to do is on certain views, replace the standard list item disclosure arrow with a different image. I'm attempting this by:

    1. Adding a...
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    Erm, I'm not sure without having a look at some sample code.

    Maybe something like<...> (Where MyApp is your app name).

    But it depends how you have declared them really
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    You need to use phonegap for that. The events you would use are resume and pause.
  16. I always receive this error when testing on a device too. I just ignore it as it doesn't seem to have any noticeable effect on the app.
  17. Have you built your app using phonegap?

    I build my app onto an android device wrapped in phonegap.
  18. That alert did show for me when I used your code exactly as it is, but once I reached the Ext.device.Notification code, I received an error in logcat, I consequently found a typo in the Sencha...
  19. Oops sorry, I copied that from my code and forgot to change the event name. I've edited the post now.
  20. Put this in your app.js launch function:

    var onPause = function(){
    document.addEventListener("pause", onPause, false);
  21. You can use phonegap for that.
  22. The error is a namespacing issue. In your Ext.Application code, you have set name: 'Sencha', but in your view, you have set the class name to 'GS.view.Main'.

    So to solve this, replace name:...
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    I don't think you need to have your view in the 'requires: []' config. In my controllers, I only add the view reference in the 'views:[]' config, and also you don't need to include 'Mobile.view.'...
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    No problem, I've wasted lots of time in the past from mispellt variables, events etc.

    Regarding the view: array explanation, I'm not fully sure either but I did find this line in...
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    I'm a bit unclear of what you mean. do you mean that the event isn't firing on the button? If so, your event is incorrect, it should be 'tap', not 'tab'.
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