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    Tree is a nice component. Unfortunately Google does not follow the Nodes (div), so the content of my site is not indexed in the google results. Has anybody some idea, how to render tree with links,...
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    Dear murytyildiz,

    you are my hero :-)

    It works very nice!

    I just suggest to add

    style="height: 100%;"
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    Dear murytyildiz,

    you are my hero :-)

    It works very nice!

    I just suggest to add

    style="height: 100%;" or
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    I am going to try this....

    Why there is a problem with loading EXT Framework in the MIF Page?
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    I do not understand, why it should be not possible to load EXT JS Scripts in the Pages that are loaded by MIF Panel. (I also didn´t found the resource, where is written, that this is not possible)
  6. So I found a workaround. This is not nice, but it's working.
    I am loading/adding the formpanel's to a separate container in a card-layout. The content container (id: 'mitte') has now card layout and...
  7. You can pass also a 'callback' property to the load-Method of targetForNewComponents
    Then you can do operations from the main-file without manipulating exteranl file. You have to know only the...
  8. Hi,
    I am dealing with similar topic in this thread

    See there my strategy for adding extrnal components to the main panel.
    Hope this helps
  9. As it seems, that IE has problems with loading extrenal script after FromPanel has been loaded, I want to ask :

    How do you load and append components, which are defined in external files?

  10. Setting an empty value to the fields also doesn`t help ... hmmm
  11. Dear all,
    I have a very strange error which occurs only in IE (6,7,8). FF is fine.
    I have a complex layout with one center region (id: 'mitte'). This region is loading its content from external...
  12. I don't want to activate an item in a tabpanel - I am still doing it and this since several versions of extjs, as it makes sense to have a TabPanel with activated tab item.
    As I mentioned,...
  13. Yes, I have been also wondering what this have to "activate" in boderLayout.
    As I wrote in prev. post, I have borderLayout whre the 'center' is also borderLayout with 'west' and 'center'. The west...
  14. Hi,
    can you please explain why this has been moved from bugs to help. I was reporting a phenomenon which occured in 3.1.1 and not in previos versions. I didnt changed my code, so I think the reason...
  15. Hi,
    I have a border Layot where the 'center' is again a Border Layout with 'west' and 'center'. I get following error (over Firebug) in 3.1.1. which is not in 3.1

    this.layout.setActiveItem is...
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    @disfusion - thx very much for your work, it´s nice

    Unfortunately the ckeditor-component does not respect the layout of the parent container. If the parent conatiner has layout set to 'fit' the...
  17. I have the same problem as vishee. Instead of text it displays 'advanced.underline_desc' etc. I am using german language pack. If I instantiate TinyMCE outside of Ext JS with the language property...
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    Does anybody work on the Black Theme for Ext 3?

    Old one for Ext 2:
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    Your theme is the best of all!
    Do you plan to upgrade it to EXt 3?
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    Dear Doug,
    I was using MIFRAME in the prev. version of EXT JS very intensive. Now I have migrated and nothing works anymore for me(RC1, RC2 1 - are producing errors. RC2 has no errors but don't...
  21. Der all,
    now I have found the solution which I want to share with you. This provides also some knowlage about binding in SWF Files over SWFOBJECT.

    It is not so good to write swfobject...
  22. I think that the problem is in the way I am binding the DIV to the container - via contentEl property. This seems not working. The binded DIV contains also JS-Code, so this is no so nice. Have...
  23. ... any suggestions to my posting?

    How do you manage SWF object inclusions and EXT JavaScript?
  24. Dear all,
    I have a site with an Flash FLV Player.
    The Player is created on the site via "swfobject". All content is found in a DIV with id=media

    <div id="media" style="width: 100%; height:...
  25. Oh, exactly. Sorry, I didn't catched it.
    Now I understand. It is an special Method of the element which can be called as following:

    var elem = Ext.get('mydiv').clone();
    It removes all IDs...
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