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  1. How can I pass the thread status to "Answered" now ?
  2. I've found the problem! There was actually a Viewport.js file in my local tomcat directory, that was'nt present anymore in my source folder. When publishing my application on tomcat, this file was...
  3. There is no file Viewport.js in my application. The loader should search it in ext-all-dev.js instead. The error occurs while trying to load my viewport, that extends Ext.container.Viewport.
    So, the...
  4. Hi all
    I've got an application working well in local, but when put on the server, I reach this error on Firefox:

    Error: [Ext.Loader] Failed loading 'app/view/Viewport.js', please verify that the...
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    Can we export charts with this tool?

    Thank you in advance
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