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  1. I have a problem building with cordova & sencha. If I build with cordova alone it works.

    TOUCH 2.4.0
    CMD v5.0.1.231
    JDK 1.7.0

  2. same issue with 4.1.1, how could I fix this?
  3. I think its a google update problem...
  4. same issue here!
  5. interested on an answer too
  6. I think you can achieve the same result using:

    Ext.pluck(, 'data');
  7. how do you edit the NODE itself... not another column?

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    Where is extjs 4.1.1 encoding a date to send to JSON?

    In previews version was using Ext.JSON.encodeDate but it is no calling that function anymore,

    The encoding is not working fine, it is...
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    you may use combo config "forceSelection: false" to override this obligation..
  10. Excelent component!

    is there any possibilito to drop over an extjs component? let say a grid extended with tileview, for example :D
  11. any solution for v4?
  12. the logical thing here is to use!/api/Ext.panel.AbstractPanel-method-removeDocked removedocked... if I add a toolbar using adddocked, removedockd should remove...
  13. this NOT work on V4.... any other method?
  14. the charm is

    border.floatCollapsedPanel({getTarget:function(){return null}},panel);
  15. I need to do this but programmatically... everything the same... floating panel inside border layout, wich is the charm to slide it out?
  16. I need some hints or "best wishes" :D on how to embed and run extjs inside a windows application. I want to make a desktop application that must run local, be able to read and write files, and REALLY...
  17. m think the same one...

    1.- add a panel to the tabpanel
    2.- insert a panel with index 11
    3.- isert a panel with index 2

    the third panel is at the end... is this what works for you? the thir...
  18. I need to control the order of the tabs I add to a tabpanel...

    trying myPanel.insert(index, panel) with erratic behaviour, any hint?
  19. same error happends to me if I close a tab and try to create a new one with the same content... (NO TUSING IDs)
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    same problem in extjs 4.0
  21. same problem in EXT 4.0.6 moving the toolbars to initcomponent worked great!!!

    thanks a lot
  22. I dont quite understand what is your doubt... the property grid has a store asociated with it, and you have setSource method to asing an object to edit its properties...

    please try to be more...
  23. you should extend the Ext class, not its widget name... so in your code use:

    extend: 'Ext.window.Window'

    and you will be near...
  24. propertygrid Extends a gridpanel, so you shoud be able to do with it the same things a gridpanel can do (adding new columns).

    so you should try it out and post some code if you have problems.
  25. do you have a view with the gridpanel? or just want to define your gridpanel inside the center region declaration?

    you just need to change the xtype property to the name of your view or just to...
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