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  1. Create an instance of a container inside new Window

    I have a chart inside a container :

    items: [{region : 'center',
    height : '100%',
    items : [{
    xtype : 'container',
    id :...
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    How to make line chart dots smaller?

    Can I access this property? I've tried setting series size but it doesn't work.

    I'm using Extjs 4.1. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Hide series name from legend

    I'm using Extjs 4.1, I want to hide a series name from legend, how can I do it ?

    Ext.each(chart.series.items, function(series) {
    if (series.yField == 'done') {
  4. JsonStore with metaData : set series in metachange

    I have Json store that returns data like this :

    "data": [

    "inAnalysis": 73,
    "inQuest": 13,
    "New": 3,
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    could you please POST YOUR CODE?

  6. empty Model

    My model is empty, I just have a model file with no fields :

    Ext.define('Metrics.model.GraphData', {
    extend: ''

    I have tried creating a model dynamically,...
  7. dynamic chart series : what's wrong with my store?

    Hello I have a Python script that returns Json data which I load into my chart. The returned data looks like this :

    "data": [
    "inAnalysis": 19,
  8. Solved

    Okay I managed to do it by cloning the filtered store to an array and then binding that array to the fieldset items. Thank you.
  9. how

    how can I solve this problem please ?
  10. load data for each fieldset item Extjs

    am trying to load data dynamically in a fieldset.
    So I have a fieldset in which I dynamically add items, in my example I have two comboboxes. I want to fill those comboboxes with data coming from a...
  11. Python script for SVG to PNG conversion with Extjs

    Hi, I'm trying to save a chart by converting SVG to PNG with a Python script.
    So I start storing the svg data in a variable with :

    var svgdata =...
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    change Extjs chart style on the fly

    Hi, I have a grouped bar chart, I want the user to have the ability to change bars width dynamically, so I have made 3 buttons to allow the user to choose "Small" "Medium" or "Large" bar width.
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    extjs 4 : get store record values

    My json data looks like this :

    ({"success": "true", "message" : "OK","data":[{"id_metric":"1","name_filter":"doc...
  14. Use numeric value of nested json data in Extjs 4 chart

    My json looks like this :

    "Week": [
    "Total_OUT3F": 12,
    "Sev_Logged": "3_major",
    "Total_OUT3A5": 3,
  15. I found on an example, they were using...

    I found on an example, they were using "item.storeField" to get the name of the field, but it's not workin for me. Any ideas please?
  16. disable resizing of chart after click on legend item

    When I click on an element on my legend, the chart adapts to the values of the x and y axes that are left on the chart, is there a way to disable this ?

    Thank you
  17. why is my chart displaying duplicated data?

    Here's a screenshot :


    I want the week value to be displayed once for each group of columns.

    Please help
  18. get the tooltip value of each grouped column in extjs 4 chart

    Please how is it possible?

    My tooltip :

    tips: {
    trackMouse: true,
    width: 74,
    height: 28,
    renderer: function(storeItem, item) {...
  19. grouped bar chart : bars vertical instead of horizontal

    Hi, I'd like to use this example of grouped bar chart :

    but I'd like to inverse the axis fields, instead of the...
  20. Hi, i'm having the same problem, I need to show...

    Hi, i'm having the same problem, I need to show the tooltip for each bar in grouped bar (I'm using extjs 4), I use it like this :

    tips: {
    trackMouse: true,
    width: 74,...
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    Actually I have a viewport where I put all my...

    Actually I have a viewport where I put all my views in, it looks like this :

    Ext.define('Metrics.view.Viewport', {
    extend: 'Ext.container.Viewport',
    layout: 'fit',

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    please somebody help me find the error in my code

    please somebody help me find the error in my code
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    In my controller, exactly in the handler of my...

    In my controller, exactly in the handler of my button :

    launchChart : function(button){
    console.log('before create');
    var chartwin = Ext.widget('chartwin');
    console.log('after create');...
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    adding item to window Extjs 4

    I've been digging my mind all this morning to find the solution to this, I have an Extjs window where I want to put a chart as an item. I'm using Extjs 4, here's my window :

  25. How to count json items for each param ?

    I have a JSON store :

    "Week": 1145,
    "Sev_Logged": 22,
    "From": "IN1"
    "Week": 1145,
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