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  1. Changing hieght of bar based on renderer

    So, I want to change to height of bars based on data, currently using approach below which seems to loop too many times and results are not desired. Should I be using different approach to...
  2. Why is record sometimes empty in renderer??

    Using stacked bar as well...
    I was trying to set the height of the bar based on the record.
    Let's say I have 40 records. In the renderer, it seems that the first 40 index, the bar heights are...
  3. 4.07 Bar series have same issue

    Any workaround to this issue? By overriding highlightItem and unHighlightItem functions in the series, am able to get the function call from my controller to recognize the series functions.
  4. Same behavior, 4.07, FF 12

    Currently battling this issue with stacked bar highlighting, using 4.07, FF12. Any updates? What should I override to properly alleviate the issue? Thanks.
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