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  1. Number field does not reject non numeric entries in Safari-iOS7 with ST 2.2.1

    Hi Team,

    The Number field created with ST 2.2.1 does not seem to clear off the non numeric data from the number field when used in Safari-iOS 7.

    The response is fine for iOS6 and Android Jelly...
  2. [OPEN] Hi Any update on this issue. It breaks the...


    Any update on this issue.

    It breaks the basic functionality that was working with 2.0.

    Is there any work around/ patch that resolves it?

    Any help is much appreciated.
  3. [OPEN] Hi Any update on this issue yet? This is...


    Any update on this issue yet?

    This is causing a lot of issues in our applications and a lot of users are also stuck due to this.

    Can you at least post a workaround, so that we can use a...
  4. [DUP] control is disabled when inserted into the item template of List control

    Hi Team

    I created a List control with a <textarea> control within the item template. The created list displays the <textarea> element but it is in read-only mode.

    This occurs in Sencha Touch...
  5. [OPEN] List "itemTap" event fires along with the "disclose" event

    Hi Team,

    I have an issue with the Sencha Touch 2.2 with the List events.

    I have a list which has separate events defined for the "itemTap" and "disclose" events. Things were working as expected...
  6. Integration of UberGrid with Sencha Architect


    Can the UberGrid be integrated with Sencha Architect?
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