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  1. Just call autoSize() on Ext.grid.column.Column(xtype: gridcolumn)
  2. Thanks, I can do in that way, I want to reuse the logic calculating column width when clicking header boundary, to make sure they are same.. is it in header container?
  3. Hi

    Is there a exsiting API to do the grid header width resizing after data load? As I know currently gird header could be resized accordingly when clicking the column header boundary, how to...
  4. Sorry for the misleading Subject. this is ant version issue of 1.7.1, working well with ant 1.8.2...
  5. Could anyone help on this, would appreciate.
  6. Hi guys/sencha cmd team,

    I got NoSuchMethodError exception when integrate sencha cmd with existed Ant building system. below is the ant file(cmd.xml) and excetpion, if any idea, please advise,...
  7. :-/
  8. We really should wait for you guys, anyway thanks for the efforts :)
  9. Hi Gxt guys,

    I'm using gxt beta4 now, could you please add onSelect event/Handler for com.sencha.gxt.widget.core.client.form.ComboBox in next version? I think this is necessary event for...
  10. Hi Guys,

    I got a strange approach, use the value of CheckBoxCell column( true -> checked; false -> unchecked; null -> hidden )
    it really works for me.:D share as below:

    We need 2 classes...
  11. Hi support,

    Could you please advise? or GXT doesn't have such feature now.....:)

  12. Hi Dev,

    Can we hide the special row's checkbox for grid which has one column with CheckBoxCell?
    I have tried with the approach: cell.removeFromParent(), it works at the initial time, but my...
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    Hi Alworth,

    Thank you so much for your quick reponse.
    The reason is my mvn plugin of eclipse got some issue, already fix now. After upgrading we got little css issue, it should be easy to fix....
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    Hi Edmund,

    Thank you for the efforts and announcement.

    I'm tring to upgade from beta3 to beta4, and got strange build exception with maven.
    In the class all required constructors or interfaces...
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    Thanks for your quick response. I already created some simples.
    Yes~! For now it works, If any more findings, will post and share.
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    Hi Guys,

    I saw some demo code at mvp4g web site, and mvp4g can work with GXT2 together,
    I want to use mvp4g with gxt3 dp5, does anyone try with this already?
    Could some one please give...
  17. Anyway I'm back. Smart also has some limitations. So ... ...
  18. :-/ Have no response, no choice~ try with Smart.
  19. Hi Guys,

    I did little changes on original demo : filter tree.
    It has both check and filter features, hope this is useful. :)

  20. Hi development team,

    How are you.

    I need a component like, do we have plan to create some like this in GXT3?
  21. I found the method: tree.setChecked(new FolderDto(2,"Beethoven"), true); Only take effect after the treeNode registered( the method register(M m) being callled). it cannot create tree and...
  22. Hi guys, I have experience in Extjs for 2 Years, now we try to use Ext GWT. And I got css or layout issue just like the subject.

    I have tried with the methods below, but it doesn't take effect....
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    Download plugin for ExtJs 3.3.0 rev. 0001 from: MegaUpload - RapidShare
    Above item displayed as Ext 3.2.1 in Eclipse Aptana plugin. Is it right?
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    Actually, I used the JIT for my js ondemend load...
    And you want to catch the js in browser? I think this can setup in header, If the client side browser allowed.
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    Ext.ux.RichTabPanel extend form Ext.TabPanel.
    Add several interfaces for special tab operation.
    Addtional Public Events:
    tabClick : ( TabPanel this, Panel tab, EventObject e )
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