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    I'm facing this same problem, and seems to be a Sencha CMD bug.
  2. The initComponent still exists. API does not show it beacause it is protected. but you can show protected methods/properties by clicking in "Show" menu button....
  3. First of all, Congratulations to Sencha Team.for well done admin dashboard app template. This example shows how Ext JS is Powerful and make use of many new features, like defaultButton, treeList and...
  4. Sorry, I found it. There is a new "template" dir on SDK root that contains it. Thanks
  5. Can't download Ext JS 6 beta, Please fix the link
  6. Where is the admin-dashboard (SenchaDash) source code? I can see only the "build" example.
  7. #énoix See you man!
  8. Thanks, Hosted.
  9. Take a look at this fiddle
  10. still present in Ext JS 5.1.1
  11. I have a grid inside a vbox layout with flex 1 and loadingHeight does not work.
    Take a look at this fiddle
  12. I'am also facing this problem. Any workaround, override please? BTW, What is the sencha explanation for this almost one year old bug.
  13. Replies
    It would be nice to have a rebirth of this project as a sencha package. Any news is welcome!
  14. Replies
    Does Sencha intend to acquire the Calendar Component (Extensible)? Extensible project seems to be abandoned, no updates since many months, no pull requests merged on GitHub, no replies in official...
  15. any isolated child session example using remote proxy (Rest, Ajax)?
  16. I need to implement the "Kitchensink Data Binding => Isolated child session" example using REST proxy and batch.
    Batch operation is working properly, saving associations and more, If I close window...
  17. This help me a lot. For this case, Could you explain why tabConfig instead of inline panel config? thanks!
  18. My version for Ext 5.++
  19. I will try to fix next days and publish on github
  20. It doesn't work with Data Binding
  21. Take a look! this can help us for a while.
  22. Thanks man! I hope this plan can be real next releases.
  23. Hi, the app.json documentation is commented in the same file. You can see all possible config properties in .sencha/app/app.defaults.json, Sencha CMD make a copy of this while generating your...
  24. You can set paths for overrides in workspace level
    See the config option "overrides" in app.json

    "overrides": "${app.dir}/overrides,${workspace.dir}/overrides"
  25. Thanks
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