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  1. [Help] Ext.ux.grid.GridFilters - How to get filter value and state

    Hi everyone.
    I tried to search in forum and google but I couldn't found solution. Please help me
    My problem here is how to take filter value and it's state(filter or not) in javascript
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    Thank you so much. I knew I missed something but...

    Thank you so much.
    I knew I missed something but I couldn't figure it out
    Thank for your kind support
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    Attach event to hyperlink(Ext.BoxComponent)

    Hi everybody
    I have the problems which describe in the title. I have searched the forum and found this:...
  4. How to send extra information when store.load complete?

    Hi everyone
    I have 2 combobox, and their data is filled by 2 stores.
    When I select my first comboBox, the event is raise, and load the store for the second comboBox.
    My problem is I need to send...
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    Sorting in Ext js grid

    Hi everyone
    Currently when I use setDefaultSort(fieldName,"ASC"), the grid sort the column by A -> Z, a->z
    However I want to sort like AaBbCc...Zz
    Any one know how to do it?
    Thank in advance, btw...
  6. Thank you It's totally working

    Thank you
    It's totally working
  7. Revert data after get error in server when cell editing

    Hello everybody.
    I'm coding a grid with cell edit, using Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel. After editing a cell, user press "Enter", and object send to server. If the server return false (invalid...
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    Handle function after cell edit

    Hi everybody
    I just learn ext 3, especially grid. I have coded the grid that user can edit cell, then press "Enter", and make the request to server. The code work very well. However I want to...
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    I don't know what to say :( (stupid me) Thank...

    I don't know what to say :( (stupid me)
    Thank you very much
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    monitorValid and formBind don't work

    Hello everyone
    I'm new to Ext Js, especially its grid, and it is wonderful library.
    Today I have a problem, I have search and read many posts but I don't know why I don't work
    I have a grid, and I...
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