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  1. Hello guys...
    I got same ERROR...
    any update..:-?
  2. Hello Guys..

    Best solution for this problem is upgrade to CMD 5.0.2 new version.

    (NOTE : For me CMD 5.0.270 working fine)

  3. It is working fine for me with this code..

    listeners: {
    beforeshow: function updateTipBody(tip) {
  4. Hello guys....
    Same problem for me also. "Not showing any loadmask...."
    Any help..
  5. Hi All,
    I have an application with Ext4.2 and i want migrate this application into Ext5.0.1. That existing application is generated with Sencha CMD 3.1.2, Now new Migrating app need to use...
  6. Hi all,

    I have requirement like, "User copy the text content using Key board short cut "Ctrl+c" and then he want to past that copied content into grid by using grid contextmenu "Paste" item".Here...
  7. Thanks @Gary Schlosberg for your reply...

    Finally i found solution for this.This below code is to draw line thought mouse.

    autoCreateViewport: false
  8. Hi All,
    I want to Draw straight lines using mouse on chart surface , can any one provide sample code or guide me in right direction.I am using extjs4 version.
  9. Hi All,

    I am using Extjs4 F/W, i want to show the line chart with "MARKERS" on X-axes.
    Can someone guide me in the right direction please? with sample code.

    Thanks in advance.....
  10. Hi,
    I find the solution,
    While preparing node itself write like "uiProvider" = "eval(Ext.ux.CMSTreeNodeUI)",it will come to front -end execute the eval() method and give the plain class name.
  11. Hi All,
    I have a problem with response text,my sample response text is in bellow image( i am attaching only smallpart of response text , response text is too big Data),problem is inresponse text...
  12. "<a href='#' onclick="+new IN.controller.ControllerName().callFunction(value)+">"+value+"</a>";
  13. try with this

    "<a href='#' onclick="+new IN.controller.ControllerName().callFunction("'"+value+"');> "+value+"</a>";
  14. I got solution from this post

    Thanks .... :=D>
  15. Hi all,

    I am using Extjs3.3.0 version.
    Drag and Drop from TreePanel to DataView not working in IE10,But it is working fine with "Browser mode: IE 10 Compatibility view " .
    (DataView as a...
  16. I got solution....

    new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
    title: 'My TreePanel',
    root: new Ext.tree.AsyncTreeNode({
  17. I taken the sample code from sencha docs!/api/Ext.tree.TreePanel-event-contextmenu to show context menu for treepanel.It is working fine in Chrome , FireFox but...
  18. @mridul64

    Can u share the sample image.With that I can give the approach for that.
  19. Hi all,

    I have on text field,when user enter some text,that matched text in the specific panel's( i have multiple panels in view )content is highlighted with yellow color.If i remove that text...
  20. Thanks for reply slemmon..

    I try but i unable to find the way to override/extend text type code...

    Can u plz help me to draw "textpath"...(override code)
  21. Hi...
    I have one more problem like i need to draw the text on curve ( arch)..SVG support textPath element but extjs do't have type:'textPath' in above image.

    Can u help?
  22. Hello...

    I need some text on the Arc path.
    i am check with these like : ,How can i achieve this curve text by convert...
  23. Thanks slemmon..

    I done the same thing ..finally i achieved.
  24. Find image below..

  25. After long time i found,It is problem in scope object..
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