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  1. selecting a cell instead of a row in grid

    I am having the following
    a grid within a div with an overflow:auto
    The grid is wide when the user clicks say at column z the cursor jumps to column a because the row is selected how to fix
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    freeze first column in grid

    I am using editable grid with dynamic column names it works fine but I need to freeze the first column
    i.e. like in excel freeze the first column
    Mine is student name and a list of assessments and...
  3. More explanation to my post

    I want to have the following feature
    but the grid becomes editable and the column names be dynamic
  4. Freeze column in editable grid with dynamic column model

    Hi I would like to freeze a column in an editabe grid using Ext.grid.DynamicColumnModel
    I am using Ext JS Library 3.2.2 because I am working with coldfusion 9
    I want to consalidate the grid dynamic...
  5. How to specify 3 static columns in a dynamiccolumn model

    I am using the dynamiccolumnmodel example but I need to keep the first 3 columns always the same.
    i.e. studentid ,studentname I need them to be always the first two columns the rest of the columns...
  6. Problem trying to implement lockinggridview to a dynamiccolumn model

    Having a problem to implement lockingridview and dynamiccolumnmodel simulatenously:

    I am trying to implement the lockinggridview example to the following code (that uses dynamiccolumnmodel)...
  7. how to use Ext.grid.GridPanel, Ext.ux.grid.LockingColumnModel in coldfusion

    How to use Ext.grid.gridpanel and ext.ux.grid.lockingcolumnmodel in coldfusion9.
    we had before coldfusion.grid.getobject(grid). How we do it now with ext.grid.gridpanel and...
  8. Thanks a lot but I have some of my columns automatically generated

    Thanks a lot.
    But I have a problem some of my columns are automatically generated i.e. first two columns are id, name but the rest of the columns are hw1, hw2,etc. according on how many homeworks...
  9. freeze pane in cfgrid as in excel:1st column will be locked while scrolling horizonta

    I would like to know how to lock my first column of a cfgrid so that it will not move while scrolling horizontally.
    I want to use the ext js build in version with coldfusion 9.

  10. populate ext.form.combobox (ext 2.) from an sql database using coldfusion 9

    Thanks in advance.
    How can I populate ext.form.combobox from sql database in coldfusion.
    I have component that has a function that returns the query result in array format.
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    cfgridbinding and storeprocedure issue

    I have a problem in cfgrid bind attribute with stored procedure

    my stored procedure is as follows. It works fine by itself

    CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[usp_myproc]
    @SectionID int,...
  12. How to use extjs grid with sql server as my database

    How to use extjs grid with sql server as my database
  13. how can I use extjs with coldfusion and sql server 2008

    I do not have php nor mysql can I use extjs grid with coldfusion and sql server 2008.
    can you give me hints how to do that
  14. How can I use the grid with SQL server database and coldfusion 9

    How can I use the grid with SQL server database and coldfusion 9
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    extjs and coldfusion 9

    How to download extjs 3.0 which is integrated with coldfusion 9?
    Does this means it is free if you have coldfusion 9?
    How much would it cost to upgrade to extjs 3.2 and later to extjs 4.0 when it...
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