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  1. Ext version tested:

    Ext 3.0.0

    Adapter used:

  2. Any idea how to accomplish this?
  3. OK, I find a way to output _parent:null through Java, using JSONObject.NULL.
  4. Yes, I am using AdjacencyListStore.
    Why "records[i].get(this.parent_id_field_name) == null" is evaluated to "true"? 0 is different from null, right?

    Also, I am using java org.json package to...
  5. I encounter: "too much recursion" error if I use 0 as starting _id. That is, my _id would be 0, 1, 2, 3, ...The error goes away when I switch the starting _id to 1 (1, 2, 3, ....). Any reason for...
  6. Please move it to bugs. Thanks!
  7. I could reproduce it in IE7 too. You have to click to a very deep level (in my case, 56th level).
  8. It happens in IE6, not in Firefox though. I use ExtJS 2.2.1.
  9. The tree rendering is broken after I click to a deep level. The node text jumps to the left side of screen (please see the attached image).

    I have a simple tree panel:

  10. I believe the node id is automatically passed as "anode".
  11. First, nice work!

    When expandNode, how can I dynamically add my own params to store url besides anode, for example, some other fields in record?

    It seems the params are fixed and there is no...
  12. Replies
    "livegrid-debug-all.js.js" might be changed to "livegrid-debug-all.js"?
  13. "autoHeight:true" works. Thanks a lot!
  14. Hmmm, I probably don't have priviledge to do that. Any ExtJS guy can help?
  15. The root cause is in GridView.js
    afterRender: function(){
    this.mainBody.dom.innerHTML = this.renderRows();
    this.processRows(0, true);
    if(this.deferEmptyText !==...
  16. I think it is more logical to use parent's loader than to use treePanel's one.
  17. Any update?
  18. Can you confirm this is a bug or we just use it wrong? If yes, sure, you can move it to the right place.
  19. We found Ext 2.2 starts to support literal config for TreeNode, AsyncTreeNode and TreeLoader. That helps us a lot and thank you!

    Here is still a problem on AsyncTreeNode's TreeLoader. For...
  20. Hi, I understand what you were saying, but my question is how come it did work in 2.1, but not 2.2 if I don't set "height" attribute. Is this an intentional change and if yes, why? Thanks for your...
  21. examples/portal/sample-grid.js

    columns: columns,
    autoExpandColumn: 'company',
  22. Hi there,

    To implement a static tree without using TreeLoader, an intuitive way seems like:

    var tree = new Ext.tree.TreePanel({
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