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    To answer my own question: yes it should work and it will only work in ExtJS 3.x and *NOT* in ExtJS 2.x.

    To answer the question of the other thread, compoundEnd needs to be commented out or the...
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    After finding this thread: I thought I had found the solution to my problems.

    Condors solution to allow fields to mark themselves for floating...
  3. In the current version (2.2.1) I ran into a problem: the selections were correctly made in the RowSelectionModel but the GridPanel did not update its view to show that the rows were actually...
  4. Cheers for the response guys :-) Should I repost in the bugs forum or is there a bugtracker somewhere? :>
  5. It looks like a bug: I looked at the code and found out that the FormLayout generates the labels. When the labelWidth is set to 0 the fail-safe kicks in and sets the width to 100.

    If I read the...
  6. *shameless bump*
  7. I've set the labelWidth on the checkbox itself and its container but when I inspect the HTML I see that the label element is being generated with a 100px width in its style.

    Is this supposed to be...
  8. *shameless bump*

    Nobody in here knows how to solve this? How do other people handle remote lazy loading in tabs when the events fire multiple times?
  9. I have multiple scripts that can be very DB intensive and can take up to a minute to complete. I want to show the user an estimate of the progress and also state what is happening.

    I've seen...
  10. And another vote to add this to ExtJS 2.3 or 3.x :)

    I found one glitch: if you call setValue before the component is rendered (and 'render' on Ext.form.FormPanel seems to fire before its...
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    It works fine for me as well (sans resizing which I don't need).

    The only thing bugging me was the fact that the window content disappears during a window drag. Now that the window is outside the...
  12. I know this is an old topic but I would like to add that this results under Adobe AIR in a rather helpful error (this back trace comes from Aptana Studio):

    TypeError: Undefined value
  13. Its official, I'm going to programmers hell ;)

    I currently conjured 2 ways to handle the unwanted events. First, the TabPanel has a property called ignoreCounter which I've set to -2, upon each...
  14. Hi,

    In our application I create a TabPanel and define some event listeners which call the server for new tab content when the tabs are changed.

    I was very surprised to see that constructing the...
  15. I am using a combobox in a system which generates values for displaying with HTML (a small span with a color and the Hex code).

    When the field drops down the display values are rendered fine but...
  16. Thanks for the help but with just setActive tab I am where I ws with problem 2: the tab is added to the end of all tabs instead of replacing the current one. So how do I do that?
  17. For an application I need to replace a tab in a tabpanel which is already rendered. In our case we switch from a view to an edit for some object in our database.

    We used to use a 'hacky' appraoch...
  18. For some reason the 2.2 docs still have the wrong description... Tbh I agree with the opinion to simply 'fix' ExtJS to support the direct config option as almost every construction in ExtJS uses this...
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    Confirmed to still exist in ExtJS 2.2.

    Like the original poster we need the ID's for Selenium to be able to find the elements. For now we patched our local version using the given example (which...
  20. Mmm, fair point. Would it help if I put up a static dump of my site somewhere? I don't know how to grab only the hurting bits from an auto-generated page otherwise :)
  21. I'm using a complicated generated GUI which uses a borderlayout with in the center panel a tabpanel. In this tabpanel I am trying to create a new panel with the BorderLayout layout.

    The problem is...
  22. I have the same issue - thanks for sharing the solution :)

    But yeah, isn't this something that should either be covered in the docs or something that should be added to ExtJS 2.0 before the...
  23. I second that - I spend 2 hours looking for some error in my code and finally decided that it wasn't my fault.

    I worked around the issue using this thread:...
  24. I'd like to comfirm this issue. The error originated by some variable called W.

    On a side note: ExtJS rocks! :D
  25. *bump*

    Anyone? I've been at it for days now and I can't find anything...
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