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    Hey. Thanks for the example. Can you point me in the right direction one more time?

    The objective is to update the browser's url bar with the correct route when the user switches between tabs.
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    I tried adding a listener to the tabBar by adding it as a part of the tabBar configuration in the tab panel config. Like so:

    tabBar: {
    listeners: {
    tabchange: function(bar, newTab,...
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    Hey. Thanks for the answer. Can you provide a small sample on how this would be done? Thanks!
  4. Thank you for the detailed answer. It has cleared up all my doubts.
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    Has anyone ever used routes with a tab panel?

    Usually I use controller.redirectTo(), to go from one view to another, so that the new route is reflected in the browser's address bar.

    I have...
  6. Doesn't anyone know the answers to these questions?
  7. Hey everyone,

    I've recently started using Routes in my sencha touch 2.3 application, and was wondering about a few things:
    1. Does the application add new views to the viewport everytime we use...
  8. Hey,

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yes, that is the guide I followed.

    I've posted more detailed findings here:...
  9. I've made sure that all paths are correct, including ant. If I execute "ant -version" from command line, it works.
  10. HAXM is related to speeding up the android emulator, correct? In that case, I don't think that's the issue, since Sencha Cmd is failing at the build stage itself. That is, it fails even if we give...
  11. Any update on this from the Sencha team? Is this a real issue, or something that I missed/did?

    I shouldn't have to install windows XP just to compile the application.

    Please advice on how I...

    Sencha Cmd version(s) tested:

    Sencha Cmd

    Operating System:

    Windows 7
  13. I'm trying to build the basic sencha touch app that is created using the generate command.

    I've followed the steps outlined in the cordova guide of the documentation. However, when I try to build...
  14. Hey. Yes, if I specify a height for the dataview panels, it works. However, if I don't do that, it doesn't (Even if I specify a height for the content using css).

    It used to work just fine before...
  15. Hasn't anyone ever created a view with multiple dataviews? /:)
  16. I still haven't found a solution for this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  17. Hey jweber. Thanks for your response. Unfortunately, this doesn't work. I just get a blank screen. The dataviews are being rendered in the DOM, but their height is 0

    It seems that a dataview is...
  18. No. As soon as you set flex, the dataviews begin to scroll independently. I guess I'll have to go with the store data merge solution till a better one can be found.

    Thanks a lot for your inputs....
  19. Hey guys,

    I wish to create a view with a list or dataview. Above the list will be a small panel with some instructions on it.

    I know I can do it by adding the panel in the 'items' array of the...
  20. Hi again. I apologize for disappearing. I was away for work.

    I thought about your suggestion (see quote), but it seems to be a bit hacky. I could do it, but it will be a huge hassle to implement...
  21. Hey guys,

    I have a container with 3 dataviews in it. Each dataview displays data from a separate store (each store queries a different web service).

    What I wish is to have the container have a...
  22. Unfortunately, no. Docking the first dataview to the top will cause it to "stick" to the top. I need both the dataviews to scroll together as if they were one.

    Also, to answer your earlier...
  23. Hey! Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, your solution did not work. If the layout is specified as 'vbox', without specifying the 'pack' parameter, then a 'flex' value has to be provided for every...
  24. Thanks a lot, jerome76! Your solution worked.
  25. Hey guys,

    Since I wasn't getting any replies to this thread, I thought adding some sample code might help explain what I'm looking for.

    * test panel for stacking dataviews
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