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  1. i think it's my fault , but i try 4.1beta it's ok , so it's really 4.0.7's bug:((
  2. To jayrobinson

    Thank you very much, your code is wonderful, and i hope you can add this to next version . thanks again.
  3. thank you very much ! I will try.
  4. extjs is more an more popular in China , you cannot ignore this bug , it is serious
  5. just this page is a sample

    change this page's encode to gb2312 (may you need an ie6 chinese edition) ,
    then you can see the bug
  6. no one know?:((
  7. i am from china, gbk charset is popular here, there is a bug from 2.2 - 3.x , the gbk charset fontsize is bigger than utf-8 and iso-8859-1, i use two days to find this bug
    , this bug will happen in...
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