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  1. It's clear for everyone that Sencha needs money to make this framework water proof. I wathced this framework in the last years, but I never used id because it looks unstable, lacks of good examples,...
  2. Sorry, that was the tutorial:
  3. Following this tutorial I get the following error

    at line 36247

    syncShadow : function() { if (this.floating) {
    this.el.sync(true); //line36247
    when it's...
  4. After a reinstall of rubyinstaller everything worked OK
  5. I created my app with

    sencha generate app -ext MyApp myapp

    Had no errors.

    After this line I changed to my app folder

    cd myapp
  6. I love keepin simple, but having 1000 celsl, half of them having special renderers makes me think twice before rendering the whole table.
  7. Donw that, but The row does not refresh. I want oly that row to refresh.
  8. I have a grid. How can I refresh a single record? My models have defind a load data. My store alse has a direct proxy. What i want that sometimes a single record would get his data from the server,...
  9. It works like this

    Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    bodyStyle: {
    background: 'none',
    padding: '10px',
  10. I have a form defined

    var form = Ext.create('Ext.form.Panel', {
    bodyStyle: {
    background: 'none',
    padding: '10px',
  11. I know it's too late, but I think this is what you want.
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    I can't find the page where is that diagram. Can you help me?
  13. I was not talking about enterprise service bus. I was talking about having an observale object on which you can listen for events and also for these events. Can you make a comparision of benefits.
  14. To understand more of the benefits of your implemenation can you tell me how is different than using a message bus where you fire events and your portlets will have a listner for that event?
  15. Hi,

    How did you generate that diagram. I would like to generate a last version class diagram in a printable form (black border, white background)
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    Ext.define('', {


  17. This problem was not fixes entirely. The problem is related to other "problem". I try to explain it.

    Let's say I have a buffered grid with 1000 result and 200rows per page. When I filter remote I...
  18. I want to generate a js only for my MVC app. In the deploy file I will be able to include the Ext library and my compiled files. I tried the exclude param but it did not work, my all-classes.js...
  19. I have the following case. Iny not compiled project I have included ( html file) :
    - extjs-all.js
    - my api.js ( that generates the remote calls)
    - app.js

    When i compile my app i get one single...
  20. Hi ap. For me it wasn't enough. I had to ad that 76 for delta. My case was the grid had no data or only a row, and it,s hit was auto.
  21. The patch above wil work if you change this

    viewEl.setHeight(viewEl.getHeight() + delta);
    grid.getEl().setHeight(grid.getEl().getHeight() + delta);in

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