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  1. Hi Emily, i think you are little confused with term "over loading", its actually "over-riding". Yes it was over-ridden to improve performance especially in IE. Yeah, you are right.. if ExtJS...
  2. SeaMonkey,

    I hope this can solve your problem. It may not render on/off records as accurately as simple BufferingView. But, I'm sure that it can satisfy your requirement.

  3. try overriding this function

    getRow : function(row){
    var rs =;
    return rs[row];
  4. I am using BufferView to show 1000+ records. It is working fine with firefox but, it is very slow in IE. indeed, it is taking very long time to load new records during scroll.
    I think the problem...
  5. it is typical DOM behavior:) even after adding new component it doesn't appear sometimes, refreshing it or any of its parent component will make it appear. This could be due to problems in rendering.
  6. i think you are in to wrong forum. you might want this "".
  7. sorry for troubling you. it is working fine.
  8. Replies
    follow the link for solution
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