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  1. Hey, guys!
    When I have to many columns in my grid and it has horisontal scroll, and grid used bufferedrenderer plugin, only first page of store data selectable. When I scroll to middle of data, I...
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    For my timezone (+0300):

    JSON.stringify(new Date()) !== Ext.JSON.encodeDate(new Date())

    I found
  3. Ooops... This is not the reason.

    I have buffered store with remoteFilter = true. So if I make this steps

    store.filter({ property: field, value: val, anyMatch: true...
  4. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot convert null to object (ext-all-debug.js:67570)

    onPageMapClear: function() {
    var me = this,
    loadingFlag = me.wasLoading,
    reqs =...
  5. When I scroll somewhere and call store.reload() once or twice it's throw "PageMap asked for range which it does not have"

    I've just add "Refresh" button to...
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    When I call store.filter() first, it create snapshot
    me.snapshot = me.snapshot ||;

    Then I change some record. And try to filter again, but store use old snapshot data
  7. Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer.getScrollHeight() calculate result using

    store.getTotalCount()But what if I set some filter to my store??? I mean data size still huge, but it's different from...
  8. Hi again!
    I found that method store.findExact() call;
    For most stores property is Ext.util.MixedCollection which has findIndexBy() method.
    But if...
  9. Ok then. When store is autoDestroy = true, gridPanel tried to kick store on grid.destroy (you die with me!). Everything is ok until store is not buffered.

    But when store is buffered it create...
  10. I've got Cannot call method 'clear' of null, when my store configured as

    autoDestroy: true,
    buffered: true

    Notice that has method
  11. I have the same problem when I trying to close the window.
    Notice I set autoDestroy=true to my store. If it's false everything gone Ok :-?

    Ext.define('Employee', {
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