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  1. Aaaggghh!

    I feel like the original Church Lady from Saturday Night Live!

    NEVER MIND! :">

    You can't do what I'm attempting to do across domains!

    What a waste of my time!
  2. I have been doing some research on this problem.

    Line 2723 of miframe-debug.js states the following...

    this.dom.src = s;

    Where "s" is the url passed to the setSrc method on the...
  3. Hello friends,

    I am working on a project that involves multiple IFRAME's. I'm using the ManagedIFrame object for this. I have all of the latest revisions (as far as I know).

    I have sub-classed...
  4. Doug,

    I would normally use a Viewport. My client has some strange ideas about what they want to do, so maybe I need to be using a Ext.Window instead, but I will need to maximize it. What's the...
  5. I'll give this a try. I should have asked for help sooner... I'm already using the most recent release of ExtJS and ux.ManagedIframe.
  6. Hello friends,

    I have been working on an interesting little application that will make extensive use of managed IFrames. It is built around a container with a splitter where there is a TabPanel...
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