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  1. fredbaba, I never used extdirect with Ext4.*. I now use normal Ext.Ajax instead of for the following reasons:

    - the extdirect for django used in my tutorial was last updated in 2010
  2. OK, so I did as suggested, used the cls.

    For the record, below I put a way that makes tweaking the tabpanel css using cls config a little bit easier.

    First, of course set:

    cls: 'MainPanel'...
  3. I successfully used theming with Compass and Ext4.0.7 to change tab height in tabbar using:

    $tab-height: 40px !default;
    at the top of my-theme.scss

    This, however, changes the height of tabs...
  4. +1 I have encountered the same problem.
  5. farmeronline, the best is you do this:

    In direct_tree/static/direct_tree create overrides.js looking like

    Ext.Ajax.on('beforerequest', function (conn, options) {
  6. I attach PDF version of this tutorial 25666
  7. I am sorry for horrible formatting, I copied and pasted from my local wiki. But I think you can get the point from this.
  8. Before following this tutorial, you should understand well the basic Django tutorial and have some understanding of template inheritance, Managing static files, and Loading templates, and ExtJs
  9. For a few months I am working on a project that uses Django and Ext. But at the moment I use ext-3.3.1, I don't know how it gonna differ for Ext 4.0. The "integration" with the current ExtJs version...
  10. Heh, good question. In fact, in JavaScript '9' (String) sometimes is as good as 9 (Number). Both can be used as array index 9 for example. You can also do 2+true that gives 3. I forgot about all of...
  11. Is there any built-in in ExtJS to test if the passed value is an integer?

    Ext.isNumber only checks if it's a number in general.
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    The first link is still available as cached copy in google search (just search for extdirect, it's Cached copy of the first link)
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    To get DynamicJsonReader working I had to add two more lines to getRecordType (to call buildExtractors). Now the current version looks like that:

  14. And how do I mark posts as SOLVED/CLOSED??
  15. Thanks. I used the on() solution. In this way the event handler is not invoked for the panels added on initial render, exactly what I want. In fact ultimately I use the following

  16. In Window component, how can I invoke an event handler ONLY for those 'add' events that are raised after initial render?

    I have a window with vbox layout and three panels in it. I then want to...
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    I have a window with toolbar and to use vbox and preserve toolbar I used dummy container, sth like this

    var fill = {
    xtype: 'container',
    id: 'fill',
    layout: "vbox",
  18. So I found a stupid but working solution to that. In Store sortData I changed, fn); to

    var temp_data1 =; //this will hold top "unsortable"...
  19. I have a grid with 12 rows and I want to sort only the last 10 rows. Is there a way to invoke sorting with somehow pasing a "start row number" parameter to sort function?
  20. There is a problem when BufferView example is scrolled and the page zoom in the browser is set to anything else but 100%. Basically you get empty rows when scrolling, pretty much the same as...
  21. OK, I should have searched forum before. My concerns with these functions are exhaustively explained here:...
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    SlickGrid ( is very fast and it uses just divs for the grid. It has still limited features but perhaps grid should be implemented with just divs to...
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    Hi, my application is for some specific scientific field, we look and interact with such tables for ages. Usually we see up to few hundreds columns at a time, then we scroll to see other few...
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    Hi cruise27, have you solved your problem of rendering large number of columns? We also have this problem, rendering lots of single letter columns.
  25. Hi,

    I need to efficiently generate specific editable grid:
    * each cell contains a single letter
    * there are many rows and columns (hundreds to thousands)

    Such grid is of course rendered very...
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