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  1. 1. click on the link
    2. Click the 'Reload'
  2. When I clicked the 'firstname' on there menu is shown. After clicking the 'Reload' I got an error.

    "Cannot read property 'getSelectionModel' of undefined"

    name :...
  3. I know there is no this "remoteGroup" option. But how can I do grouping locally ?

    When I set remoteSort: false grouping works locally. But I need remoteSort: true and grouping works locally.
  4. How to make grouping grid locally ?

    I paste to store config remoteGroup: false but it does not work. When I change remoteSort: false it works.

    How can I do it:

    remoteSort: true,...
  5. candidate.isXType is not a function - what does it mean ?

    I have a grid panel with xtype: "productsmanufacturergrid"

    On the toolbar have a button with [name=filter].

    So I do this:
  6. Thank you very much !
  7. Hi !

    I have a grid with 80 rows. Each rows has 4 columns. So I want to change columns html content dynamicaly.

    I try this:

    but this is not select all rows. It selects only 35 rows. It...
  8. Thank you very much ! This is great !
  9. Hi !

    How can I put row expander plugin to right side of the grid. By default it positioned at left side.

    Thank you for your reply
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    Hi !

    I am trying to add checkcolumn to the grid. But it does not appear.

    Help me please.
  11. How to make ajax request withCridentials=true and async=false. It possible to it ?

    FF gives an error:

    InvalidAccessError: A parameter or an operation is not supported by the underlying...
  12. Is it possible to set position of taskbar top of the desktop and change width. I want to set width 800px.
  13. Can you show me an example ? I am newbe.

    Thank you very much!
  14. Hi !

    this my store: = new ({
    dbFile : 'data/unitech.db',
    tableName : Unitech.Tables.Product,
    baseParams : {...

    In this example the bottom panel is by default collapsed: true

    after the expand panel Ext.ux.TinyMCE doest not work.
  16. xtype:'fieldset' use autoHeight: true
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    Thank you very much :)
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    How to blink qtip text ?
    How to add any animations to qtip (Ext.QuickTips)

    Thanks :)
  19. Is it possible initComponent recall ?

    I want to reload component with new parametres

    Thanks !
  20. Hi,

    I am using this code

    var adapter = new, {
    hideParent: false,
    hideOnClick: false

    combobox - is whis paging when press next or prev page the menu is...
  21. I am doing so that:

    1. I am changing dataIndexes so that:

    if (col.indexOf(sub+'_')!=-1) {
    cmodel.config[c].dataIndex =;
  22. I am using dynamic changing grid columns model


    after this I want to change manually new columns filters manually.

    I try so that

    var col =...
  23. Thank you very much :)
  24. Is it possible when clicking to edit editor grid panel autamtically set default value to the editor - after the double clicking there is no...
  25. I have grid with grouping view

    so my grid looks like so that:

    Apple (2)
    Apple 1
    Apple 2

    Nokia (3)
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