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    yes me too.
    It would like nice to allow to import a PNG sequence or a animated GIF sprite
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    Is there a way to use 3D OpenGL in a webapp using webkit 3d and css with sencha touch ?

    Seeking the right toolkit for a client request without flash, I dont know if its possible todays....
  3. Seem working without error on this url, but i have only, all time, finding location message, no more.
    Anyone tested it on an ipad ?
  4. I have errors with 0.94 and new geocongress app, the first error is referenceError: Can't find variable Ext or Geo
    it need Ext library installed with the app ?
  5. hehe nice !
  6. I had no luck to test 0.94
  7. yeah and page content say : finding location... with no update

    for info on a Mac Pro (OSX 10.5) with Safari 3/4 and 5, the error is : Failed to load ressource: the server responded with a status...
  8. yes sorry, its my first thread in this forum.

    I installed on my server here :

    Sencha Touch version tested:

    0.9.3 rev...
  9. Error line 54 in views/DistrictInfo.js
    Result of expression 'r' [undefined] is not an object
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